Verification of Paypal Accounts


As long as you click Add Payment Method, you should see both payment options, unless one account has already been authenticated.

If it says “Authenticated” next to either payment option, then the process has already been completed, and there is no additional action needed for that account.

Please use the Blue button to if you continue to have issues, and we can work on this directly with you.


Mines doing the same thing.


I select payoneer account as a payment option…but when i applied for payment …i got payment in paypal account …i alrdy inform it to the helpline …thanks again for add payoneer


Thanks you. We are looking into this on your behalf.


Hopefully, I am not duplicating a question:

Does Payoneer also charge a 10% fee, or is it lower?


Hi ParkBren,
I think Squad Help is the one that takes the 10% as a processing/administrative fee & not PayPal. I assume the 10% fee will be the same for Payoneer ?