Verification of Paypal Accounts

As we continue to focus on a transparent and trustworthy contest process, we are adding some additional changes to our platform to verify the identity of the creatives.

All creatives will now be required to Verify their PayPal account through a seamless verification process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to your Account Details page and click on “Add Payment Method” under My Payment Preference.
  2. Select Paypal
  3. You will now be redirected to Paypal website and will be asked to login using your Paypal credentials.
  4. Once you agree to share your identity details with Squadhelp, you will be directed back to and your Paypal payout method will be automatically verified.
  5. If we see any inconsistencies in your Paypal account and your details on Squadhelp profile, it will likely delay your Payouts, and we will reach out to you for further information & verification.

Please note that it is important to go through these verification steps as soon as possible in order to receive your Payouts on a timely basis. As per our policies, your Paypal account must be verified in order for you to receive Payouts.

We have also added a new payout method (Payoneer) in order to offer more flexibility. Read about Payoneer announcement in this forum post.

We believe these changes will not only offer more flexibility to our creatives, but will also allow us to better verify the identity of our users in order to maintain a trusted environment.


Thanks @grant . Just verified my Paypal as directed. Note that your paypal account name is TestSquadHelp. You might want to update that if it’s not intentional.

I did this…but what kind of info are we granting you access to,please? Just our identity, that we say we are who we are? Or are you able to see other personal things? Thanks.

Thanks @grant…done.
FYI…when I was finished I got a “Page does not exist” page. But when I went back and checked my payment method, I can see that it is “authenticated”… I just wanted you to know about the page does not exist part.

We collection information such as name, email, and address. We also collect your PayPal verification status. We do not collect any information related to your PayPal transaction history. We only use this information to verify your account.


Thanks…appreciate the quick answer!

Is there any indication that it was successful, i.e. on account page…

It will say Authenticated and have a green check mark.

Thank you VG. …

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I didnt know paypal gave out that information.Isnt that a bit of a worry for security if you use a combination of your address as a password like some people do

Done! …

Grant I have been verified on Paypal for years and have used it here for years. What has changed? I am choosing not to do this due to the fact that I am not clear as to why the request . If I happen to win something, I will accept a paper check in the mail . Thanks . :sunflower:


@grant , It shows that my payment is Authenticated. But it also shows NOW, that my automatic transfer is NOT ENABLED.??? Can you explain this…Thank you, Grant.

Mine did the same. It shows (Red)X Automatic Transfers Disabled

Hi LorinsEggshells,
I don’t think that SH will send out paper checks-- I have also been verified for many years by going to the bank and giving them the tiny deposit amount. I can’t figure out if I have to do something more if already verified with paypal?

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Okay I figured it out – it’s different than the regular PayPal verification and you have to click on add Payment even though it’s showing paypal . Simple to do - got the green check and my payment did stay enabled…

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This change is intended to make our platform more secure because it will allow us to confirm the identity of all creatives. Our goal is to ensure every contest is run in a fair fashion, and eliminate any potential misuse or violation by contest holders or creatives. This change helps us with that objective. Please note this change is not directed towards any specific creatives - it applies to everyone participating in our platform.

If you connect your Paypal account, we only have access to your identity information from Paypal (such as your name, email, address - which you have already provided to us). However if you are still uncomfortable connecting your Paypal account, it is certainly your decision. You also have the option to sign up for Payoneer if you are more comfortable with that option. We do not have the ability to send physical checks - the only allowed methods of payments are either a verified and connected Paypal account, or a verified and connected Payoneer account.

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Thanks for letting us know. We are looking into the issue with Automatic Transfer.

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Thank you for your reply Grant. I might message you via email privately later if that is ok. I am very careful about information on the net these days in view of so much hacking and viruses that are hitting people.


PayPal already appears there, so I cannot select it, and I’m not redirected to Paypal.