Using names of another business and using in another contest

Just wondering what the opinion is on a creative taking the name of a business who has come on CH to find a Tagline line to submit it into another contest for a business seeking a company name.

Should that be allow to happen?

NO it should not be allowed. That to me is the same as scrolling through the winner tab and taking names from past contest winners. Now that is assuming that they knew they were doing. Been seeing a lot of weird and questionable stuff lately.

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This is not an appropriate naming strategy.


It definitely should not be allowed, in my opinion. First, imagine the outrage of the CH whose name was pilfered and how that would reflect on SH as a company AND on us as creatives. It is in our own enlightened self interest to always keep the reputation of SH in mind when we participate here. I do think that sometimes it is easy for a creative to accidentally come up with a name that already exists out there in the millions of company names there are, but to use a name like that on purpose is wrong. I’ve seen a lot of things here and sometimes I remember company names that would have been perfect for a CH but why would I want to give them the name of an existing company? Sometimes I think oh man would that have been a great name for them! I wish I had thought of it before that company did! But I don’t sub them.

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Yeah I share these thoughts because it appears to have happened. While the Tagline contest is still activate. So they possibley saw there company name win another contest.

This is something to share with SH using the blue bubble. They can’t possibly keep track of these kinds of things but they should know. Don’t post it here…just use the blue bubble talk to the team.

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One other thought @Skevans - sometimes a CH will run a tagline contest on a name they got from SH without closing the original contest for the name itself. I don’t know if you know that on the lower right side of your screen when you are looking at a contest, you can see the CH’s name and number of contests they have run. If you click on the CH, you can see all of their previous contests. You may already know this and you may have already checked that but I thought I would mention it in case you didn’t know. We just had a contest like that, where the CH was well into the next contest using the name he chose but he hadn’t closed the naming contest yet.

Actually I think that is the case on this occasion, so I apologise to the creative I was wrong but I have noticed this happen over the past month or so in other comps.

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Please report all issues to Squadhelp right away. We take all policy violations seriously, and appreciate your support in these matters.

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