Using comments on entries

How do you use comments when making entries? Or do you? For instance, I usually write one sentence explaining my idea or a slogan that uses it somehow. Is this too much? Too little? Thanks,


Hi :smile:
If I use something that would need translating, I’ll add it there or if it’s a ‘mash-up’ name, to show the origin of the idea.
Also, if they’re not firm on wanting a domain or not, but will like one if possible, I’ll mention if it’s available.

I use the comments box every time to explain how I came up with the name and how it relates well to their business.

I certainly use the comments to expand and “sell” my entry. That’s my job as a creative, I presume. Who knows the value of my entry better than me? My responsibility to all parties is to be as professional as possible, respecting CH, SH, and me.