Urgent-Telemedicine contest Winner

@dan, pls review the winning entry as i was the top trending user right at the end of the contest and today i.e 13.12 .15 the entry of mine has been registered by “Paul Flatley” though winning entry is still available. I was dam sure that i would be the winner of this contest.
Pls review.
Note: i have also sent the email to " service@squadhelp.com"

Appears to me that the winning entry has been registered.

No, i just checked , its still available!

Direct2MD.com? I just checked and it says it’s taken… Weird.

This is a case where prize splitting could have come in handy

@dan, winning entry’s registrant and my entry’s registrant is same i.e “Paul Flatley”

@poonam. we have received your email request. We are following up on the registered name and will provide an update to you once we have heard from CH.

@kreativekim, i was checking on “whois.com” which still shows available but just checked on godaddy which shows taken.

Yeah, godaddy is where I looked.

I was the chosen winner for that contest. I checked whois and it says unavailable.

@tkpro72, hi, earlier i was checking on whois.com which was showing your entry as available and mine was registered, lateron i checked on godaddy which showed yours and mine were registered by same registrant.

Hi Poonam. I don’t know why it was showing as available. The only reason I can think of is maybe the database on Whois did not update as quickly as Godaddy so it showed up as being available when it really wasn’t. I don’t know how that stuff works but that is my best guess. I know how you feel because I have been in the exact same position as you more than once in the past. My name was registered by a client but the win was given to someone else. I know from experience how frustrating that is. Fortunately SH is taking measures to try to stop this from happening or at least minimize it.


@poonam, The CH in this case was not aware of the compensation requirement. We have followed up with them, and they have now deleted their registration with GoDaddy - so the name should be available again in next 24-48 hours.


you learn something new everyday - I didnt know you could do that


Didn’t Know that either, Props again to admin for protecting creatives rights. I believe soon enough cheats and domain parkers will begin to go elsewhere.


seems more trouble to be a cheat than just pay up


@Dan, Thanks for your prompt action and support.

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