Upload your own Logos to WLM, Google Sheets Integration, plus more updates!

We have added several new features to the WLM recently and here is a quick recap:

1. Add Your Own Logos

You can now upload your own Logos to the White Label Marketplace. This feature was requested by many sellers, and we believe it will greatly improve the discovery experience for your domains. Simply click on “Add Logo” next to any domain, and you will see two options:

Please note that domains with your uploaded Logos are not included in Squadhelp Advertising. We also recommend following these Logo Guidelines while uploading your Logos.

2. Google Sheets Sync For Bulk Updates

Google Sheets sync feature offers a very efficient method to upload your domains in bulk as well as handle bulk updates for your existing domains. You can update almost every aspect of your domains such as:

  • Changes Prices
  • Add Discounts
  • Add Installment Options
  • Add Descriptions, Keywords, Root Words
  • Remove Domains in Bulk

We will also be adding this feature to the Premium Domains in the near future. Here’s a quick video that explains this feature:

3. Colors and Backgrounds for your WLM

We now have several new options for you to add colors or background images to your WLM.

Thanks for your ongoing feedback. We plan to announce several more updates in the near future


@grant Awesome. Especially the ‘adding your own logos part’. You guys have been firing on all cylinders lately as far as I’m concerned and thanks for listening to feedback and implementing requests.

Quick question- you wrote “We also recommend following these Logo Guidelines while uploading your Logos”. So that’s only a recommendation? For example, can clipart be used in the WLM?


Thank you for this great update :heart:


While the guidelines related to gradients and backgrounds are recommendations, the logo designs must be original and you must have full rights and ownership for all digital assets used in the Logo design.

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@grant Thanks. Gotcha. So no clip art. There’s one other matter that I wanted to request. It would be very helpful if the information or at least some information about leads will be available to sellers, even when the potential buyer communicates with SH as the intermediary and not directly with the seller. One of the greatest benefits of having your own markertplace is being able to control leads. Know who contacted you and have their contact info, be able to look for information about them based on the name/location/email/ip address and try to find out if they’re serious, if they’re well funded, if they have the domain registered in other extensions etc. Even while negotiating using SH, information about the potential buyer can help sellers negotiate better. Some other sites that offer landing pages give sellers info like the name of the person inquiring, country of origin and IP address and some also the email address. So please consider giving sellers information about White Label Marketplace leads even if the contact is made via SH. Thanks for the consideration.


@moretal Thanks for the feedback. I will certainly share this with our product team. We will likely not be able to share the customer’s personal information (if that info came in via SH platform) however we will look into sharing some meta data such as their country.

For the WLM, you also have the option to add your email and phone number so you can communicate directly with the end user.

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Some more clarification here would be nice.

You say this about uploading personal logos: “we believe it will greatly improve the discovery experience for your domains”. Whilst also saying: “Please note that domains with your uploaded Logos are not included in Squadhelp Advertising”.

So as much as I would like to upload my own logos, I have the feeling it will only decrease the discovery of my domains.


If you upload your own Logos to WLM, those names are not included in the Squadhelp Retargeting Ads. The same applies if you add a Visual Image to the domain in the WLM. Currently only SH created logos are included in Retargeting Ads in case of WLM. In future, we may offer additional options for Retargeting in case of Visual images as well.

Even though these names are not included in Squadhelp Advertising, adding a Logo (or a Visual Image) can improve the discovery of relevant domains when people are browsing your Marketplace Listings. So while the total number of visitors to your marketplace may not increase, more people are likely to find relevant names in your Marketplace.

For example, if someone is searching for a Clothing brand name and your Marketplace has 100s of listings, adding a Logo or a Visual image can greatly assist the buyer in discovering names that might be a good fit for Clothing brand. With plain text listings, the discovery is a bit more difficult because all names look similar.

Hope this helps.


Tell me, please. will a bulk Adding Lifestyle Image for Basic Plus domains be available? It is very inconvenient to manually handle hundreds of domains