Upgrade Option for Domains approved prior to Coins Feature

We have now added an upgrade option for domains that were approved prior to the introduction of Coin submission option. This option allows you to receive all Coin related benefits.

If your owned domain was approved before Sep 9, 2019, it is eligible for this feature as long as it is not yet purchased, and there are no active inquiries on it.

What benefits do I receive?

What are the costs?

  • If you previously added Partial Exclusivity option, you can use 1 coin to upgrade your domain and receive above benefits
  • If you haven’t added Partial Exclusivity option previously, you can use 3 coins to upgrade your domain and receive above benefits

How do I upgrade?

  • For domains that are eligible, you will see an “Upgrade with Coins” option under the Actions menu.
  • You can also update all eligible domains in bulk from your Seller Preferences page

This upgrade option will be available in your account till end of October. The upgrade is entirely optional, and you do not need to take any action if you prefer to leave everything unchanged.


We are unable to upgrade anything accepted after the 9th September 2019. Seems the cut off date to upgrade is a few weeks out. Could you look at this please @grant. The latest date I’ve found so far is the 28th September 2019.

Many thanks

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Why not allow upgrading domains accepted before the variable commission feature?
I requested this before:

Yes, we can’t upgrade some domains, please fix this, so we can upgrade them.

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We also cannot upgrade more than 1 at a time, could this be looked at please?



You can upgrade them in bulk from your Marketplace Preferences page.

Can you clarify what you meant by the cut-off date being few weeks out? In other words, are you not able to upgrade domains that were approved before Sep 9, 2019?

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Thank you for the pointer to the preferences page, much appreciated.

No, I mean after the 9th of September. I can’t remember the exact details, but there was a period where coins were introduced but either didn’t work properly or weren’t yet showing up in the back office or we couldn’t add funds or something (can someone else help me out here? I’m a blonde girl, I remember there was an issue but don’t remember what it was!).

I switched to coins as soon as they were available. I have some submissions made between the 9th September and the 28th September that don’t show submitted with a coin and also don’t show an option to upgrade to submitted with coin.

Thanks for looking into it.

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