Updates to the rating system


It would be interesting to see how many entries in each shotlist? How many competitors?


@Grant, I found a number of my names were shortlisted but they are not appearing in my activity feed, not even under the tab that says shortlisted names.


Mine was in my activity feed, but has disappeared due to more ratings that came through. I cannot locate it under the shortlist tab either.


Hi All - Thanks for letting us know about your experience with Shortlisting.

@Commulinks @jackieheraty - All top rated names are automatically moved into a CH’s shortlist when their contest closes. These entries will not trigger a notification.

@ALDaisy1 - We have added a contest hyperlink to the Shortlist notification. Shortlisted names will also now have an entry rating that is equal to the highest rating in the contest (typically Love it or Like it).

@jackieheraty - We will update the winner selection process to only consider entries which have been shortlisted. However, this change has not yet been put into place. When it is, it will be possible for an entry with a low rating, which is later added to the shortlist, to be awarded, and an entry with a Love it rating to be removed from consideration if it is removed from the Shortlist.

@LizzyTish - Shortlisting a name will be equivalent to rating up. For now, we have paused all ratings once a contest closes, so the CH can focus on Shortlisting entries.


Thanks @Grant. Forgot to ask…is it possible to add the pop-up feature “thingy” when you get shortlisted? Like when you get a Like It, Love It, message or the favorite, WooHoo? I know it’s in the activity feed, but I like seeing the pop-ups right away. :slight_smile: And how come no points for the shortlist (as in like or loves)? Also, any way we can see how many names are on the shortlist like we do for all the other ratings? Thanks again.


@LizzyTish - We should be able to do that.


@Grant. Cool Beans! And Thank You.


Ok…I am totally perplexed now.I have a contest I put 3 entries in. One is marked “shortlisted” and the other two say “removed from shortlist”. None of these have been rated. Now does that mean that the two “removed from shortlist” are no thank yous, then? Does this shortlist thing take the place of ratings now? I am kind of confused. Thanks


I’ve had this happen, too @hollygirl I “think” what has happened is, when the contest closes to entries, all the top rated submissions (even if the highest rating is “on the right track”) are moved to the shortlist. But then the CH can still remove names from the list, which is how you get that tag under the entry. I’ve also had a notification come up saying an entry is shortlisted, but on the contest page it still has not even been rated. It does seem some CHs are using the shortlist to bypass ratings. Confusing, right?


Thanks for responding.I am confused about it all. Especially when so much in this enterprise weighs on ratings…it’s weird to have an entry shortlisted…but then not get a rating so you get points /credit for it.I am glad to know my entry is being considered…but I still wish it was rated so I could see where it fits in.Plus if it’s shortlisted, and not rated…it doesn’t come up on your entries list as a contending name.


Hi, Can a line be added to the Smart Alerts : Your entries were Shortlisted in … no. of Contests. Just a thought!! Thanks.


Yes. We’ll work on this.


Thanks Grant … :slight_smile:


Could you please enlighten me as to what shortlisted means please?


Here is the information about shortlisting entries as described to CHs, click here. Essentially it is a list of the names of the CH to think over more and ones that are the top names for the possibility of being chosen. Hope that helps.


Were shortlisted names still going to get a love it rating? (I think I read that somewhere…). Almost all of my shortlisted entries weren’t rated at all…


Shortlisted names should appear with the highest ratings from the contest. Therefore, if the contest closes with some Like it ratings and no Love it ratings all entries added to this Shortlist will be given a Love it rating.


@Grant. When are you going to add Shortlist counts as a line item to the Contest Stats? Or are the Love Its now the Shortlist counts? Still confusing. Thanks


@LizzyTish if you click on the contestants tab in the contest, it will tell you who has entries shortlisted and how many. You will still have to count them yourself for a total


@LisaMac. Thank you. I will have a look-sy. :grinning:

Update - Just noticed there is now a line item for the Shortlist. Cool.