Updates to the rating system

Base on the feedback form the Creative Community, we have made some changes to the Rating System.

We will no longer be allowing CHs to make changes to entry ratings once a contest is closed.

A new feature - Shortlist - will now display after a contest is closed. Rather than changes ratings, CHs will now be able to build a shortlist of their favorite names.

We will be creating Shortlist notifications in your activity feed and on your contest page soon.


[quote=“Grant, post:1, topic:2261”]
We will no longer allow CHs to make changes to entry ratings once a contest is closed.[/quote]
Whoop-Whoop - Thank-You, Thank-You, THANK-YOU!!! :kiss:


Yay!! This is great news!


Woah!!! That’s awesome!!! Thank you! I feel better already!!!
I am a very short person, so I expect to be on the short list each and every time :wink:


@Grant, does this change impact abandoned contest disbursements?


I like that they can no longer change ratings after the fact. I was wondering though…if a shortlist is created…does that mean that the names that are on the shortlist will now be exposed for others to see? I really wouldn’t want my potentially non winning names to be exposed. Or will it just say the Creatives names who are on the shortlist,or what? How does that work if a CH changes their mind and goes with a name that is not on the shortlist? Which I know has happened,as I have been in the position both of having the only high rated name and still losing to someone else…or only had an otrt or like it,when there have been others rated higher than me,but still won.

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The reason we have introduced the shortlist feature is to separate the feedback process from shortlisting process. As many of you have pointed out in the past, after a contest closes, there is no reason for a CH to continue to rate - or change ratings on - the entries. Instead, they need a better mechanism to organize and sort their entries - which is now offered by the shortlist feature.

@Commulinks - At this point, we will not change the winner selection policy for abandoned contests. However once we see that the CHs are using the shortlist feature effectively, we will consider changing the abandoned contest policy to pick from only those names that are in the CH shortlist.

@hollygirl - Shortlist is simply a sorting tool for Contest holders to organize their favorite entries. This does not change the visibility of entries in any way. Only the CH or their authorized team members can see the entries in their shortlist (similar to how they can see all entries in a contest). It is not guaranteed that the CH will always pick a winner from their shortlist. They can still go back to the entire pool of entries and select a winner (without adding it to a shortlist). Similarly, they can also add an entry which was previously rated as On The Right Track to their shortlist.


That makes sense, Grant. Thank you!

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Thanks for clarifying! Appreciate it!

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I’m not sure if I like that. I’ve had CH’s change an “On the right track” to a “love” after the contest was closed, but still pending winner selection. If the “no thank you” ratings don’t affect our points (see below), then what is the point?

Dan Aug '16 1
Based upon feedback from several creatives, we are announcing few changes effective today:

  1. No deduction in points on a rating downgrade:

If you receive a high rating, which is later downgraded to a lower rating, you will no longer lose points. We will remember the “highest rating” ever received on your entry for the purpose of point award.

  1. No impact to percentile score in case of a rating downgrade:

Same as point #1. Your percentile scores will no longer be affected if you receive a lower rating on an entry which previously received a high rating. On the contrary, if you receive an “upgrade” on your rating, you will earn the additional points and the percentile score will take into account your higher rating.

In other words, we will use the highest rating you ever received on an entry to decide your points as well as stats. This way, if a CH eliminates certain entries as they continue to refine their shortlist, it will not have any effect on your stats.

This change is effective immediately and will apply to any new ratings received starting today.


In the coming days, we will add that if a name is added to the shortlist and does not yet have a Love It rating, it will be awarded Love It points.


I don’t get the whole thing, any further explanations please?

I have just come across this situation, glad there is a plan to award points for shortlisted entries that are initially rated lower. :slight_smile:

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I’m having a couple issues with this new feature (I love it, I just think it needs tweaking). One, when you get a notification that your entry has been shortlisted, there is no hyperlink for the contest. That makes it difficult to find, especially if your entry was upgraded or rated for the first time, since the contest will not be in your smart alert list of high rated entries. Also, when you do find the contest, your entry still appears with the original rating. Is it possible to let upgrades to ratings made at this stage visible, or is it an all-or-nothing situation? (I know we are all happy NOT to see when ratings are lowered. :))


Hi Grant, thanks for changes. Just one thing: please, make link to a project in which entry is shortlisted hyperlinked (not just notification, but the opportunity to get the project easy). Thanks!

@Grant I also have an entry shortlisted, however, they never even rated it…just straight to shortlist. Since it is not rated, will I still be eligible like the other LOVE IT"s for random winner selection if it goes into abandoned?.


Hi Grant. Is it possible to allow CH’s to rate “up” after a contest has closed but just not “down” instead of not at all? This way, should the contest become abandoned, the higher ratings would be included. Thanks.

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I had some entries shortlisted, but I didn’t get a notification.


How did you know they were shortlisted?

Holly, I was in a contest and I could see them marked as shortlisted.