Updates to Percentile Ranking Algorithm

Based upon the feedback from the community, we will be making few updates to our Percentile Ranking Algorithm. As a result of these updates, you might see some fluctuations in your score over the next few days, however these should stabilize after few days.

We strongly believe that percentile score is an important metric that encourages higher quality of relevant submissions, and helps reduce abandoned contests. Therefore, this metric will continue to play an integral role in our platform. However, since the platform has many new creatives, and the submission patterns have evolved (especially during the last 6-12 months), we will be adjusting the algorithm accordingly.


Hello. Can you please help me with the issue i have with my account?

WOW! - My percentile went back UP to where it was a few weeks ago - Thanks so much for checking into this Grant. :sunglasses:


Thanks to the SH team for always listening to our words! Only in such constructive communication can great results be achieved!


Unfortunately I guess I’m the only one who’s not being listened :grinning:


@grant thank you so much for your community support and acting swiftly in updating the algorithms. Legends :slight_smile:


Thanks to SH team for listening to our concerns especially @darpan and @grant. Totally happy how the percentages got adjusted. Now no participation worries I hope. :smiley: Wish you all a wonderful September. :tada:

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