Updates to Marketplace (SH Registered Domains)


Given the research I’ve conducted and comments I’ve heard from domainers in elseplaces, the idea @fxpreneur suggests makes sense as does yours after the fourth year, @moretal. I’d honestly say do both. Do a fourth year and do something similar to what moretal is suggesting. They’re our ideas and I don’t want to pay 50 bucks for something that took me time and effort to come up with and even in some cases months or years to finally convince SH that there was a need to buy. Well who’s to say in those cases, had they been bought when I first suggested them, they could have been sold? There’s too many factors on both sides.

Anyhow, to return to the point, I’ve heard many domainers say that a typical domain takes 5+ years to sell. That the average conservative time to domain sale was at the five year mark. So, if this is the case, you both … If you joined ideas … Have a pretty good solution. Offer the fourth year and ability to buy domains back for $10.

The reason I think the $10 is fair is because SH maintains that the marketplace is ‘highly curated’. We often are on the forum asking time and again to know how names are chosen and what hard to decipher criteria we’re having to try to aim for. Then we’re also on the forum saying that so few names of the amount we submit are actually approved. This means that there’s a process to the selection process. If out name has hit the criteria to be registered by SH that was a risk they were taking on. Also a possible risk of being so highly curated, or maybe that aids in the sales there are. Who really knows? We as creatives can only speculate. But, the fact remains there are a lot of factors on both sides and also a lot of risk on both sides. Domaining, as claimed across different mediums by different experts, can be lucrative but can take time in many many many cases. There has to be patience in a lot of cases. But, SH saw something in those highly curated names in the marketplace enough to believe in their value, a fourth year and bit fairer of price ask for our own ideas would be beneficial, I think.

I love that SH is willing to listen to us and even take our feedback into consideration. I hope that it’s also known that most of us aren’t trying to be difficult, we’re just trying to be fair for everyone involved.