Updates to Marketplace Search Feature

We have made several updates to our Marketplace Search feature to improve the visibility of Basic and Basic Plus listings:

Separate Search For Creative Owned Domains

All Basic & Basic Plus listings can now be browsed and searched via a separate page on the website. This link is available at the bottom of all pages on our website (Creative Owned Domains For Sale)

Inclusion of Basic Plus Listings in SH Domain Marketplace

Some of the Basic Plus listings will now be automatically included in the Squadhelp Domain Marketplace. These listings will be automatically selected if they receive high ratings in contests. Currently, any name which has received atleast 1 Like it or Love It rating in a contest is eligible for this inclusion. However in future, we may revisit this critiera.

If your Basic Plus listing is included in Domain Marketplace, it will automatically receive visibility in searches being done by potential buyers on SH marketplace. However please note that the Basic Plus listings may rank below the Premium Listings in SH Marketplace.

Important: We will continue to audit the names and prices of Basic Plus listings, and we reserve the right to remove any Basic Plus listings from Squadhelp Marketplace if the listing or pricing set by creative is not within our acceptable thresholds.

You should be able to see this information on your Marketplace Dashboard:

  • If your Basic Plus listing is included in SH Domain Marketplace, you will see ā€œVisible in Marketplaceā€ next to the listing.

  • If your Basic Listing is eligible to be included in SH Domain Marketplace, you will see ā€œEligible for Marketplaceā€ next to the listing. Please note that even if a Basic listing is eligible for Marketplace, the name will only be included in Marketplace once it is upgraded to a Basic Plus listing.

We believe these changes will significantly improve the visibility and monetization opportunities for our creative community.


Eligible meaningā€¦ guaranteed to go in the marketplace?

Do these names get logos since they are going in the marketplace?

If yes to both Iā€™ll up upgrading those eligible to Basic Plus, thank you.

Good questions.

  1. If your basic listing says ā€œEligible for Marketplaceā€, it is Guaranteed to be included in Marketplace once it is upgraded to Basic Plus listing. However it may take upto 24 hours for the listing to start showing up on our Marketplace.

  2. If your basic listing does not say ā€œEligible for Marketplaceā€, it will not be included in the Marketplace. However as soon as it receives a high rating in a contest, it will automatically be included in the Marketplace.

  3. We reserve the right to remove any Basic Plus listings from Marketplace based upon our ongoing Audit (for example, if the selling price set by creative is significantly higher than our acceptable threshold). In those situation, you can always remove your listings if you no longer wish to keep it as a Basic Plus listing.

  4. The Basic Plus listings will NOT receive Logo design however they will be shown in a visually appealing fashion (similar to our current listings that do not have a logo).


Understood, thank you. And thank you for listening to feedback and taking some steps. Itā€™s appreciated.


Definitely an improvement over the previous situation, IMO. I still have to think about Basic and Basic Plus Listings though. One suggestion and one question.

The suggestion: Now that SH has two separate pages for searches, it might be better to change the title of the Premium Marketplace to something more appealing than ā€˜Brand Names For Saleā€™. Perhaps something that will reflect the fact that these names are highly curated.

The question: How do potential customers get to the Basic Listings page from within SH?



I want to say thank you to Grant, Darpan and the team. This made my day today and I really needed the boost.


I have been asking that myself, too. But today when I was searching for one of my names I see thereā€™s a ā€œBy Listing Typeā€ on the very bottom when you searched the marketplace.I had to click the Third Party Listings and it will show up the Basic Plus names.

CoveandPebble (not my name) showed up first when you click the Third Party Listings.


Thanks @NelmaG for sharing. ā€¦but none of this shows up nor works on my tablet or mobile phone.


@Marye5 Go to Marketplace and click All Listings and then click Narrow Listings. It is there in the very bottom.


Hi @NelmaG, thank you for your help in that. I noticed there was just one page of names though we know there are more ā€˜third party listingsā€™ than what was listed. I wonder if SH could put an icon so that potential buyers can browse over several pages, or one page after another. Does that make sense?


@LauraE yes, I second that motion that there should be an icon. And yes, thereā€™s only one page right now. :+1::+1:


Hi everyone,

Thanks for your feedback. Here are some clarifications that might address the questions asked in this thread:

  • The ā€œCreative Owned Domainsā€ page can be accessed by website visitors from our website footer. If you scroll to the bottom of any page on the website, you will see this link under Our Services section: Creative Owned Names For Sale

  • The premium domain marketplace only includes those Basic Plus listings which have received at least 1 high rating in a contest. These listings are already included in the marketplace and you do not need to choose any special filters to discover those names. For all other Basic and Basic Plus listings, they can be searched from the Creative Owned Domains page.

  • In order to ensure the integrity of our Marketplace and to maintain price parity, we no longer accept a selling price greater than $2499 for Basic and Basic Plus listings. Any price above $2499 will now require SH approval, and can only be submitted as a premium domain.


@grant Thank you for the update!


Hey Grant, wanted to let you know that there are a bunch of names shown in the creative owned section that have www in themā€¦ it looks really bad. The www ended up being the name on the display slide and the www is in the names too.


Thank you too for the update @grant! I remember you mentioning the links on the bottom of the page but I couldnā€™t see it the other day

@Commulinks, I saw that too. Egads! I hope they can fix that for that creative


Thanks for update-very helpful!!

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@grant Thanks for adding the price cap for the Basic Listings. Good move.

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@grant I was told by the all mighty blue button yesterday that you guys will also eliminate Basic Plus Listings from being included in the sort High to Low filter. The new cap policy should be helpful too, but at the moment there are still a few Basic Plus listings that were registered a few days ago, got a Like It/Love It and are now presented in the marketplace with wacky prices. So I hope you guys will also still eliminate the sort High To Low for Basic Plus Listings as you said you plan to do.

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As long as this is the only penalty in the search listings.

We shouldnā€™t all be punished because someone has added wacky prices.

Iā€™m a bit worried that all this talk of other people over pricing their names is going to make the innocents drop their prices, which devalues the marketplace and makes the quality high priced names look ridiculously over priced. People shouldnā€™t feel concerned about pricing their names at whatever they feel is reasonable. If it doesnā€™t sell, theyā€™ll learn. Hopefully this new cap should alleviate any more concerns over pricing.


@ablebrands If the Basic Plus listings would remain in the Basic Listings page I wouldnā€™t have an issue with people pricing their domains at a trillion dollars. But a situation where every Like it or Love it can catapult a name to the Premium Listings marketplace and then it sits alongside the highly priced domainsā€¦ isnā€™t a situation I could live with because it directly impacts the visibility of my domains and also turns the pricing in the Premium Listing marketplace into a joke if a dictionary word and a made up name that was registered 5 days ago are in the same price range simply because the owner decided it would be. Such a situation makes the curation pointless. The new cap should fix that issue completely and my latest comment was just regarding some names that sneaked into the marketplace before the cap was introduced that SH said it would get rid of by eliminating Basic Plus listings from being included in the High To Low search.