Updates to Marketplace Logo Design Process

Effective Monday, we plan to implement several changes to Marketplace Logo Designs:

  1. Bonus Payments for Logo Designers: Logo Designers will receive additional bonus payments when their Logo design receives a high rating by the sellers. In order to be eligible, the designers must maintain a minimum average overall Rating on the platform. More details will be shared directly with approved Logo Designers.

  2. Ability to “Unassign” a design: The designers will be able to unassign a design. This will put the name back in pool for other Logo Designers who can design a Logo for that name. There are situations where the Designer is not able to design a Logo that meets seller’s expectation, and this change will allow the designer to opt out of designing a Logo for that name if they wish.

  3. Early Access: The Top rated logo designers will get early access to pending Logo assignments. We currently offer an early access option, but we are making some adjustments to the minimum number of ratings that are needed to qualify for early access.

We believe these changes will allow us to further improve the overall presentation of the names in our Marketplace.


Brilliant changes @grant Thanks very much!

Something to consider:

How many creatives rate logos? I’m sure there is a percentage that don’t, and that will affect the logo designers bonus payments and score.

Ability to unassign a design is great!

But wouldn’t logo designers be better served by allowing them to avoid certain sellers they don’t gel with? If they have issues with one logo that doesn’t meet a sellers expectation it’s more likely they will have issues with more of their logos. Perhaps adding a sellers username next to the domain would be useful for them? Then designers can grab those they work well with and avoid those that they don’t, and sellers don’t get the same ‘bad’ designer picking up their work. Win/win for both sides.

I’m not a logo designer, I’m just trying to put myself in their shoes.

Thanks very much for listening to recent feedback.


Thanks @grant for these new changes!

For me I am with complete anonymity for both seller & logo designer, and I even recommend making the messaging between them also completely anonymous. That is to avoid turning this into something personal, designers will naturally start to avoid users that gave them bad ratings in the past, which will lead to more slowness in the logo design process, and some logos may take long time to be done.


I like AbleBrand’s idea. Maybe instead of the username, a number or code could be assigned for each seller. That would preserve privacy, but still let designers choose.
In my opinion, an occasional bad rating is nothing big, but if a particular user dislikes just about everything, it is reasonable to let designers make an informed decision about accepting those assignments.


Hello @grant

No details has been shared yet with the approved Logo Designers and it’s Monday already.