Updates to Basic Plus Marketplace Listings


Sorry, I cannot avoid this platform because it is very addicting lol :smiley: , wait until you win a contest! Seriously, it is the best naming platform ever there is.


@Chasity2ku You have 9 premium names in the marketplace and no basic or basic plus listings. That is great. You have one idea of how it should be for people who don’t participate much in the marketplace. And that’s valid from one point of view from that perspective.

However, there are people here who have hundreds. People who were thrilled to have Basic Plus Listings based on what SH instituted. People who have invested our own money into those listings. And this has allowed SH to focus its time on only premiums that they want to support via premium buys, etc.

There is great value in Basic Plus listings from many other perspectives. SH obviously can monitor and make sure the names alongside premiums can compete. But not having Basic Plus would be a mistake. Squadhelp wanted to increase its marketplace without a lot of hassle and time for them. And so it is.

I recently worked on a huge medical bigdata project where the director always said “we are flying the plane while we build it”… that is what is happening here. We are flying the plane while it is being built. And sometimes we hit turbulence. Big turbulence. But that does not mean the plane should be shot down.


The amount of listings I have is irrelevant. I don’t even see why you brought that up. You could have made your point without that point. It makes me think you are implying my opinion is not as worthy because I don’t have as many as you or others, or that because they’re all premium I don’t understand. I did have basic listings but they were all eventually accepted to premium and I have a ton of domains that I’d like to register but for various reasons have not. Changes made to this platform are a factor when I purchase domains. That alone gives me a right to hold an opinion. Just because you’ve taken the plunge and invested in more domains than me doesn’t make your opinions or preferences more valid.

That being said, I still think there should only be basic and premium listings. That is far from shooting the plane down, I just want it to fly different than you.

Update: BTW…I have more than 9 :triumph: Lol


Also @Commulinks I’d like to say that I understand why some don’t want to see basic plus removed. I know there are perks that come with it. My preference of having just basic and premium doesn’t mean I want all those perks removed. In fact, its more accurate for me to explain my preference as just having basic plus and premium because I still want all the perks that come with the plus listings if there were just the two categories, minus visibility in the marketplace. I just said basic and premium because why say plus if there’s no other basic category. I firmly believe the marketplace should be SH approved domains only. However, I still suggested there be a special page to house the high rated basic listings to boost visibility.

So in my idea of how I’d like it, you’re not even loosing anything other than the “basic” category and where the high rated basic plus listings are showcased outside of your profile page.


@grant, I completely agree with @Chasity2ku. All these different listings with a sea of different rules is way too complex, and will continue to be so, not to get better. I have followed all the threads on these topics and what I am beginning to see, is not an appreciation from the creative family, but a feeling of a deterioration in trust. One creative ( and possibly more in here ), went as far as doubting whether contest rewards are awarded. This cannot be be good, from any perspective. I think SH should stick to the " KISS " rule in as far as listings are concerned, to keep everyone happy, and keep a successful and highly curated Marketplace, as was the idea in the first place. Thank you for reading/listening


I’m glad we’re on the same page but gee I sure hope you have an acceptable amount of domains in the right categories! Otherwise, like me, you might not truly understand the scope of the situation, or how it all really works to have a valid, open minded perspective. :smiling_imp::laughing::smiling_imp:


fyi, i just know this , reallllly just know this. For basic listing and basic plus listing. Importantly, if you list your domain on another site, the selling price on that site can not be less than the selling price with Squadhelp.


Please please please. I hope SH remove restriction of selling price below SH price on other sites at least for basic listing since the basic listing not eligible for SH marketplace nor its visible for marketplace. Cause I feel lock down cant go anywhere, and not having much options with my domains siiiiiigh. $750 just too high especially when i need a quick flip on other sites.


Hi Jamie273, There have been a lot of changes to the marketplace that can seem complex as it is fairly new but this is a very good platform and I trust SH very much as they always pay out the contest awards !!! I hope you stay as you will see this in time. If you have any questions or concerns you can always ask on the blue button at the bottom of the page and chat with someone. They are very helpful.


TOO many changes in TOO short a time.

I understand SH is trying to figure out the right strategy for setting up premium domain marketplace. But from the time of introduction of marketplace, so many changes in policy are being introduced continuously from types of listing -owned, premium, basic, basic +, the pricing associated with them and listing rules.
It is providing a confusing and uncertain environment to participate in the marketplace. Sometimes premium domain type of listing seems good. Suddenly Basic + seems a better option. Suddenly Basic + looses advantages. Random changes in pricing. We list domains, then we pull out then we can’t list them again.

I think everyone needs a breather. Try a strategy and stick to it for sometime. There has to be a clear path and confidence for domainers, contestants and buyers.

Also from the moment, CH have stopped mentioning whether they are OPEN or NOT to premium domains. It feels bad to submit premium domains to someone who might not have budget and get negative ratings for the same. I dont even feel like submitting my premium domains to a contest without knowing CH interest. Also note that unlike, other marketplace, chances of selling a premium domain here is much tougher as CH also get lot of free to register domain entries, often adding a “co” or “the” to domain url. Marketplace domains are also competing with free entries. So a CH serious about a premium domain .com should mention if they are OPEN to it or NOT


To tell the truth…I wish it would have been left alone that we could just offer our own owned domains in contests, by letting SH know we owned them, so we could circumvent the domain checker. I don’t necessarily have the time or bandwidth to list all my names and set prices for my owned listings. I am not even sure if I want to put my owned names in basic listings (to be fair, I have not had the time to read up on it thoroughly,so I am not sure exactly yet what it entails) …yet if I don’t, I am precluded from using them in contests. Not happy about that.I think you should have the choice. I feel like so much of this is getting too difficult. I’m just trying to name, and make a little $ if I can in the process. I am not here to be a professional domain seller. Just my two cents.


@grant If I have a domain listed in Basic Plus that I’ve decided to not renew is there a special process to go through to remove it? or simply redirect the nameservers?


Before i submit some of my domains for premium listings, i would also like to know the removal process of premium domains.

Right now there is no Delete premium domains from marketplace option.

It may so happen, that a creative doesn’t want to renew a domain, or it has been unsold on squadhelp for couple of years, or creative might choose to use for own purposes.

Just to get some clarity, because i understand squadhelp invests significant time and resources on these domains. Just give us some light on what happens in these circumstances. Other marketplaces require a 1 month notice before domain is taken off. Whats squadhelp policy on this ?


@LynnParks - For Basic and Basic Plus listings, there is a Remove Listing option for each name within your Marketplace Dashboard.

@sansaar -

Creative Owned domains listed in the Squadhelp Marketplace can be delisted by contacting our Customer Support team via the blue button on any page of Squadhelp.com.

As per our terms: You can remove your listing at any time by giving us a 7-day notice. However, note that if there is a pending offer or transaction on that domain, you will no longer be able to remove that listing.

Due to the significant time and financial investment we make in each name listed in the Squadhelp marketplace, frequent delisting of your names may result in a reduced ability to submit domains into the Marketplace.

Also, it is important to note that Squadhelp Owned domains cannot be delisted.


Thanks @grant for the Clarity. That seems fair.

Another question regarding marketplace domains. I had submitted couple of Basic Plus listing and when squadhelp decided to remove all basic plus listings above $1800, SH removed them from marketplace. Now i am unable to resubmit them for under $1800.

So if we submit any domain to the marketplace (basic, basicplus or premium) and if we / squadhelp removes it, it can never be put back on the marketplace again ?

Also if a domain is rejected as Premium listing ? Can it be resubmitted as BasicPlus Listing ?


Grant can we have one place where all the current changes to marketplace are listed? I am behind in understanding any of this, basic, visabiity comissions etc.