Updates to Basic Plus Marketplace Listings


In order to ensure pricing consistency and high quality in Squadhelp premium domain marketplace, we are announcing few changes to Basic Plus listings:

  1. In order for a Basic Plus listing to be visible in the premium domain marketplace, it must receive at least 2 high ratings (Love it or Like It) in contests.

  2. The maximum selling price that can be set for Basic or Basic Plus listings is now $1799. If you would like to set a higher price for your names, you must submit them as a premium domain for review and approval by SH team.

Please note that these rules apply to any new listings going forward. If you already have a Basic Plus listing and it is currently visible in the premium domain marketplace, these rules should not automatically affect their visibility. However as announced previously, we will continue to review all Basic plus listings and may decide to remove certain listings from visibility in the marketplace if the pricing or the quality is not in parity with other names in the marketplace.



I have literally got 5,000+ 5 letter domains that I had planned to list on SH, these are currently priced at $1,999. Having to go to all of the marketplaces and change the price down to $1,799 so I can list them on SH ‘at the same price’ is just not worth it for me.

So, as they say on Dragons Den, I’m out!


@ablebrands, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately at this point we will stay with the $1799 limit but we may revisit this in future as we revise the pricing for other domains in SH marketplace.

However, please note that as per our Terms, you are allowed to continue to list your Basic Plus listings on other sites as long as the name servers are pointed to SH, and the selling price on other sites is not less than the selling price on SH marketplace.


Understood. Which is why it’s not worth listing quality domains here at those prices (less $400+ for your commission).

I’ll continue to list my lesser quality domains here, though it seems crazy to me that you’d want to eliminate better domains.


I find that I would dearly love to post what I think about this, especially given what is going on with my names that were in process as we speak but I have to keep erasing my message because of how strong it is no matter how much I edit it.



@grant- I don’t understand the new policy, or the purpose of it. Why should a name now have to have 2 high ratings. Didn’t it already proved it’s worth by a love or like?

““we will continue to review all Basic plus listings and may decide to remove certain listings from visibility in the marketplace if the pricing or the quality is not in parity with other names in the marketplace””

I don’t agree with this policy. I know there has been some pricing abuse but again, those who are following sane pricing policy shouldn’t be penalized.

I’m not happy with these new changes, Grant. I think you’ll find a lot of people who have invested in the marketplace via. basic plus, basic listings would have a hard time with this new policy


I would like to clarify a few things.

  1. Since our original announcement for Basic Plus listings, our policy has always stated that SH reserves the right to remove any basic plus listings from visibility in marketplace if the price and/or name is not in parity with rest of the names offered in marketplace. This is not a change, nor a new policy - and it will continue to apply to all those names that have been already approved as Basic Plus listings.

  2. What has changed now is rules for submitting new names as Basic Plus listings. Specifically, there are two changes:

  • Minimum amount of ratings needed for a Basic plus listing to be automatically visible in Marketplace. The reason for this change is because we are seeing a lot of names being upgraded to Basic plus listings which received a single Like it rating in contests but the quality of some of those names is not high enough to be included in the curated section of the marketplace. Some names may work well for very specific contests but they may not be a good fit for being offered for sale as a curated brand. Based upon the analytics, we are seeing that some of these names are actually hurting other premium names in the marketplace. As a result, we have decided to tighten our thresholds for automatic visibility in marketplace. If a name receives high rating in 2 or more contests, it is much more likely to have a broad general appeal, and therefore, a better fit with our marketplace.

  • What has also changed is the maximum price that can be set for a Basic plus or basic listing. As you may have seen, many of the premium domains in the marketplace are initially priced below $2000. Therefore, we would like to apply similar limits to names that are not going through a review or approval by SH team. Without such limits, there is a much greater potential of pricing inconsistencies which can negatively impact rest of the marketplace.

We certainly welcome names with higher prices, but in those situations, we want to make sure that they are vetted more closely, and go through the standard review process of premium marketplace submissions.

While we understand that these changes may come across as too limiting, and in some cases, may prevent the visibility of high quality names from marketplace. However, it is extremely important for us to maintain the integrity of the curated marketplace and we believe it is important to have tighter controls for names that are not going through a standard vetting process.


So names that have been in Basic Plus for some time are unlikely to be affected? Since this is not a new thing.

I get this. I don’t have a problem with this. I do have a problem with it being “effective immediately”, it’s unfair on those that bought names earlier today under the old rules only to find they cannot list them under the new rules. Half a days notice would have eliminated issues for these people (of which I am not one).

$1,799 is not similar to $2,000.

I’m not picking at you personally @grant, I know you are doing a great job, I’m frustrated with the continuous disadvantages being thrown upon us creatives. We work hard to support SH and make this a profitable place for us all, yet it seems like, every time I turn on my computer, SH has taken something else away from us. The worst thing is, I know that whatever is decided now, today, will be irrelevant in a few weeks because more changes will be made to our detriment.


This whole thing about basic and premium listings is too complex to understand (sorry, I am new). However, based upon what I am reading here, it is probably best to avoid this platform. If they can change rules by suddenly reducing commissions, who knows if they even pay out the contest awards?? What prevents them from selling a domain name to a buyer and never informing the original contributor who came up with that name?


I can also understand this moving forward while grandfathering those that were there and/or discussing with the creative that owns it first. And technically, the way I saw Basic Listings Plus was this: names that will not receive a logo and although they are in the marketplace, they are obviously different than the curated names. An advantage of Basic Plus was for visibility in the marketplace. And if they had met the same criterion as the curated marketplace, SH would have accepted them. What I am saying is you created a new tier with Basic Plus of names that are not necessarily what you are looking for as described, but where we creatives feel they belong for certain audiences.

When my names were removed from visibility in the marketplace, I was told the max price I could put on them was $1499, not $1799, by the way…


Grant, I would like to provide Squadhelp with some insight from this side of the computer. I only speak for myself, however, there may be others who are thinking like I am.

I was tremendously excited about Basic Plus Listings, NOT because I can enter them into contests but for the audience for the names AND the fact that I do not have to deal with the transactions AND because I just can’t be here all the time. I want my names to keep working for me when I am not entering contests (which I have done less of for other reasons).

So it is important for SH to understand that the “you can enter them into contests and receive the full commission” part isn’t necessarily what drives everyone. In fact, I am still not sure that the CHs like that so much, although I know several people have sold their names that way. I always hesitate to do it - but I do it when it seems like I have exactly the right name for them. Another huge benefit to Basic Plus is being able to see the shortlists. This tells me a ton about whether or not I hit the hot button with a name. Many of my basic plus listings are doing better than some of my premium names that way.

Food for thought as SH moves forward and tries to balance your end and ours.


I don’t really care what happens with this. Honestly. But I have to say, it would look odd if there were tons of names without logos priced higher than the ones that have them. Maybe that’s part of the thinking here.
It’s hard selling names in the marketplace. The more names that are there, the harder its going to be. So Squadhelp has to have some way of limiting what’s listed. When the marketplace was started, I had no idea there would be basic listings and basic plus listings competing with premium listings. But here we are, and I just have to roll with it. No one is ever going to get everything just the way they would prefer.



Sorry to hear that you feel SH is throwing continuous disadvantages upon creatives. This is not our intention, and our goal has always been to continue to improve our platform and offer additional opportunities to our creative community.

In fact within the last 60 days alone, we have introduced several new options for creatives to sell their names (e.g. Basic Listings, Basic Plus listings, Installments) which never existed before.

Having said that, we will continue to test new features and make adjustments based upon our learnings. When we find certain things are not working as intended, we take swift actions to correct the situation. In this case, it is important for us to have tighter controls so that we do not dilute the overall experience of marketplace. While it may come across as another limitation, it is actually being done to avoid any negative impact to the thousands of premium names that are already listed in the marketplace.

@Commulinks, the scenario you are describing regarding $1499 price change is a specific situation that happened several days ago (prior to this new announcement). If a Basic plus listing pricing is not in parity with other listings in the marketplace, we reserve the right to take down the listing but in this situation, we offered an opportunity to correct the price to bring it in line with rest of similar name in marketplace.

The $1799 limit is a maximum amount a creative can set for a basic plus listing going forward. If will minimize the likelihood of situations you mentioned where we have to ask the creative to adjust the price - however if we find any names that are not in parity with rest of the marketplace, we will continue to take such actions.


Squadhelp always pay the contest awards.


Grant, I am happy to comply with all the new rules moving forward. What I would ask is if you would alert us when you remove a name from the Basic Plus listings in an obvious way so we know what to do. I noticed mine, so I blue buttoned, but I have a lot of names and I don’t know how long they were not listed where I thought they were. I added those names for Basic Plus not for Basic. I bought them specifically for that reason. I did and am happy to comply with price changes that SH advises me of. Most of the time my pricing is much lower than 1799 and was before the change. So, I noticed that it no longer said “visible in the marketplace” and I asked. I had no idea why they were no longer visible and it took several days for the team to find out why. If you guys could put something on the dashboard when you do this about WHY, it would be appreciated. I would have instantly changed them had I known. I priced names according to what I was seeing of others. I will not do that moving forward.


I don’t even think names should make it into the marketplace because of high ratings. How can you advertise it as hand-picked, highly curated with this happening? Maybe just promote high rated basic plus domains on a special page as “popular creative owned domains” to increase their visibility without corrupting the integrity of the SHMP and let them price as they see fit.

I don’t think there should be two types of basic listings either. There should be basic and premium…period. It would solve so many problems and minimize confusion for all parties involved.


I know you’re skeptical. I was too when I first started. But I can assure you SH is a legit platform and if you win fair and square, you WILL be paid. If you stick around you’ll find SH is unmatched in customer service and that they truly value their members and their feedback. There’s no other place like it!

I just realized this sounds like a paid advertisement :joy::joy:


If Basic Plus names that are visible in the premium marketplace get pulled out, there would not be much difference between Basic and Basic Plus…unless I’m too tired to see it. I’m discouraged.


You’re right about that, to my knowledge, but that’s why I stated I think there should only be basic and premium only. I just think this way is causing too many problems. I also think premium listings should be on an approval basis only.


Hi @grant. Since basic listing and some basic plus listing not visible in marketplace, i hope we dont have to forward domain dns to SH.