Updated Terms of Service - Payouts

Hello everyone!

In order to further protect the integrity of our platform, we have made few changes to our Terms of Service. Please review the updated Terms of Service here:


We’ve recently had few situations where fraudulent credit cards were used to create contests. The contest holder then awarded the contest or sent bonus payments to a fake user account. We take these issues very seriously and will now follow a more rigorous process to verify accounts in order to minimize any potential violations of our policies.

  1. All payouts now require a Verified Paypal address.

  2. If your account is fairly new, or if you have recently won your first contest, or if our platform detects an unusual activity from your account, you might be subject to additional account verification such as providing a copy of a Government issued Photo identification.

If your Paypal account is not currently verified, please follow these steps to verify your Paypal account:


If you are unable to verify your Paypal account, please provide a detailed explanation of why you are unable to verify the account. In that case we might require additional information from you before approving a Payout to your Paypal account.

These changes are being done to minimize any misuse of our platform and to ensure a level playing field for all creatives.

We thank you for your support in helping us protect the integrity of our platform.

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Why not have contestsnts provide a photo/selfie holding a state/Goverment photo ID of themselves such as a passport or drivers license, doesnt get any more foolproof or secure than that…

I meant all creatives not just here and there