Update to Winner Selection Policy



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I think this helps some,


I was wondering if there is now a schedule for when these abandoned contest will be decided?

If there is, then one could hold winnings in their account from CH decided contests a few days to add to the smaller winnings and then withdraw them all at one time. This would prevent some of us from having $20 in our account and having to wait weeks or months for another win. Some people win often, but a majority doesn’t. And this would help everyone to know if they should wait on withdrawing funds or not.


We will be awarding contests twice per month: once around the 15th and a second time toward the end of the month. Thank you.

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Is this for all contests, or just the abandoned ones, Grant?


That just for abandoned contests


@Darpan, Honestly this change is super good for me. Ever since it has been introduced, I never win any contest from the method, but today, I had my first win which was even an accumulations of 4 contests. Now in total, I won $71 and of course it’s OK for me since I only managed to win twice before the new policy. Please @creatives, let just have patience, and am sure we will all enjoy it.
Once again, thanks for the new policy.


The way I understand it is if the CH doesnt pick the win will be split between the highest rating creatives and as some have pointed out this could mean much smaller winnings. It seems to me that an improvement over this would be that the split is done with how many high rated entries you have in the split…so that if you have 4 high rated as opposed to one, you get a higher percentage rate ect. in this way, the ones that feel they put alot of time into a contest feel that they’re still getting a worthy of their time reward albiet still much smaller. This also seems better for those that hit one or two high rather than being left out because they didnt have a win the previous month