Update to Winner Selection Policy


Curious about this…@grant Is there a possibility we could be asked to return money from split awards?[quote=“Dianna, post:61, topic:2284”]
I also wonder about the part that said the CH has up to 30 days (after SH selects winners on their abandoned contest) to come back and say that they want to choose a winner. I’m guessing that means we can’t count on the money we get from an abandoned contest for 30 days after receiving it?


Believe, its a good process, and it make the whole site transparent. Picking a winner randomly from pool of love it and like it is not the best.
Have experience a contest where I had 10 love it, but was abandoned. But am surprise seeing a creative with just 1 love and was shortlisted among the splited price.
Even if its 0.50 cent, am OK with it


What of if have make a withdrawal before the CH comes?


Sir @Darpan and @grant , will a creative be awarded and or get the same share of awards if she or he has Reported a Domain Registration ?


Hello, no offense, But i think most of you against this new policy are forgetting the primary mission, which is to win contests, Being Awarded is just like a reward from SH team to reward your time and effort, if they decide to make it a policy that prizes shoud be returned to Chs if contest were to be abandoned am sure most of us would have giving up on this Site… So far in my opinion this is a great job … based on how often you participate and how creative you are …I believe this way you will be awarded in accordance to how hard you ve worked … e.g last month i had no awraded contest… this doesn’t mean i didnt have have high ratings or am not creative enough … but due to the random selection method … i keep running out of lucks …then just Yesterday that this policy kicked into action … i got awarded in 3 contests … am sure we have creatives that got awarded in over 6 contests … so tell me how this won’t move you to work more … But as i said earlier the primary mission is to win contests not sit down and wait to be awarded… Great Job :+1:t3: SH Team And my Fellow Creatives .


@Nelmag. I asked this question yesterday and here’s the reply I received.

Hi Lisa, previously our policy was based upon a random selection, and the unresponded domain registrations were simply included for consideration in that random selection.
However, since the award is now distributed equally among all high rated creatives, we do not have the ability to consider or include such domain registrations (because there is no confirmation that these registrations were done by the CH). If it is confirmed by the CH that they register a name, then our policy is still that they select that entry as a winner or send a minimum $100 bonus.


Hi @jackieheraty. I would assume the one like it would win if it was shortlisted. I’m in a contest where I have 2 loves and 1 OTRT. The OTRT was shortlisted and the loves were not. So I’m guessing I would still get the split but it would be because of my ONRT entry. Lol


Grant, thanks so much for all of your answers. I really appreciate it!

I do want to tell you though that the splits do cause more “partial pennies” which I have had trouble reconciling in the past so they need to be rounded. But that is all. I truly appreciate all of the hard work of the SH team.


I haven’t had the chance to read through all of the comments just yet - but I was reading something that @Chasity2ku posted and wanted to add this:

It appears that “Love It” ratings under this model only matter if the CH doesn’t shortlist anything. I’m currently in a contest with an “on the right track” entry shortlisted. I have a higher rated entry not shortlisted and the contest has 6 + love it entries (not mine). Under the new rules - my “on the right track” entry would take precedence over those 6 love it entries. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

@WHAYASAY I understand what you are saying but if a creative gets awarded 6 contests and makes $12 that’s a lot of work for 2 coffees. I think some would rather try their luck at getting that “love it” and being part of a $50 split in 1 contest.

On a side note, I am not able to participate on the same level that I use to do to personal things so I don’t stand to gain much via either model. This new model though feels like it doesn’t support the newbies who are just starting here and do really well in a contest. With having to have 5 love it s in a previous month, even though those love it’s only count towards CH selected wins or contests where nothing is shortlisted. of course - all this is IMO.


I don’t know if I am the only one that noticed this, so I will say it here, maybe @Grant will offer some clarification about this:

I just received a notification that one entry of mine was shortlisted, so I entered that contest and I saw that the entry also received a Love it rating, for which I haven’t received those 30 points in my account.

This means that when someone shortlists an entry, it automatically receives a Love it, and we don’t receive those points anymore?


I would like to add also that I’ve not received any shortlist notifications nor any points. I just happened upon my shorlisted names by reviewing contests that were closed or fixing to close via the smart feature.


Yes, me too, I forgot to add that it’s the first time I have received this notification, even though I have seen before some shortlisted names in contests.


As always, we appreciate everyone’s feedback. In order to make the discussion constructive, we do however ask that if you do not like the current changes, please also include a proposed solution. We will consider everyone’s feedback. While suggesting a solution, please keep in mind the following objectives:

The winner selection process must be as transparent as possible, and it must minimize or eliminate any room for bias, chance, or subjectiveness. Therefore, any of these methods will not work:

a) Squadhelp team assessing the specific entries for suitability and picking a winner. Names are subjective and the Squadhelp team can not take the place of CH in selecting a winner. In the past when we had done this, it led to significant concerns from creatives who felt their names were equally good (if not better) than the names that were selected by SH.

b) Random selection of winners when there are multiple high ratings in a contest. If multiple creatives received high ratings or were added to the shortlist, then selecting only a small group of creatives based on random selection leads to resentment and concerns about favoritism. All creatives who received high ratings are in the same position (that their ideas were liked by the CH but for some reason could not be selected as winner). Rewarding only some creatives based on random selection leads to apprehension about how “fair” is the selection method. Although we have kept the random selection as a solution for unrated contests, we do not intend to do this for contests which have high ratings or a shortlist.

The reason we introduced a “5 Love It” requirement for Unrated contests is that it creates an additional incentive for those creatives who have worked hard during the previous month. There are more than 100 creatives who fulfill this requirement each month, so we do not expect that the random selection will end up picking the same group of creatives in such contests.

Over the next few weeks, we will be implementing several more features to keep the CH engaged, and encourage them to build a shortlist of not more than 6 names.


@LisaMac It wasn’t mentioned in the new policy. Thank you for the info.:ok_hand:


I think this is a very wise point, Grant.

Personally, I am going to let the numbers speak for themselves. I’ve kept exact records of all of the abandoned contests that I got a share of and the total dollars. This is how I will know how I am faring against the past and what it will mean to me personally.

The only thing I know right now is that I have had months where the only thing that kept me from leaving SH is awards on abandoned contests. But I think one of the most valuable things I saw posted here is that we need to think more about why contests are abandoned in the first place and what we creatives can do about that. We creatives should be talking about that.

Nothing is better than a CH who gets the name they want and a contestant who gets paid for a winning name. Abandoned contests are upsetting and they are especially upsetting when you were really on a roll with a CH who loved tons of your names and then left. I had one of those recently and I did not get a share of that one. It upset me a lot, even though I know the bot did its job. But when I really think about why I was upset, it was because I had 10 loves in that contest and another ton of likes. It just didn’t feel right. But I certainly wasn’t the only one so it’s not all about me!

I love fairness and I appreciate that SH is trying so hard to make it fair for everyone. With a fair playing field, we are more informed and make decisions for ourselves about what it all means in terms of our participation.


Do you ever want to hit the love button over and over again to express how much you agree or love what they said?..Totally just happened :wink:


Your welcome @Nelmag. I asked so I figured I’d share the answer I received


This is a very interesting thought.

What can an individual Creative do to help the CH have a great experience and fine a name (logo, tagline, etc.) that they truly love?

Excited to see your comments :slight_smile:


Do you think we should start another string for this?


OK, Clinks, ask and ye shall receive. :grin: