Update to Percentile Ranking and Entry Limits

We have made updates to how percentile ranks are calculated. The score now takes into account several additional factors.

While we can not disclose the actual formula used to compute this score, here are some highlights:

  1. The score assigns a different weightage to “Love It”, “Shortlisted”, “Like It” and “On The Right Track” ratings received in contests.
  2. The score now also takes into account your contest wins from the past 6 months. Earlier this score was solely based upon ratings received in contests.
  3. The score factors in the quantity of your submissions per contest.
  4. It also takes into account how often a CH removed your access from their contest due to not following the brief.

In order to improve or maintain a high percentile score, we recommend submitting a small amount of thoughtful entries initially with explanations. Once you receive feedback on the initial submissions, you should submit more entries.

In addition to this change, we will also be updating the entry limits for creatives. The entry limits will now also take into account your withdrawn entries. Please note that the new entry limits will come into effect starting next week.

Learn more about the revised limits here:


Also, this article provides details on how you can improve your overall percentile ranking:

The primary goal for these changes is to discourage a large quantity of submissions that may not align with the brief.

We believe this will further increase the engagement level of contest holders and reduce the number of contests where a CH does not select a winner. We will continue to monitor this change and may adjust our algorithm or entry limits in the future.


IMO if contest wins are taken into account, it should be factored over their whole career rather than last six months. If someone with large amount of wins takes a break and comes back, they shouldn’t be treated as beginners.


I think another point would be- some CHs come in and no thank you everything- what happens then? Even if they have 689 NTYs and 1 love- I keep trying anyways. Should all of those no NTYs lower our score for attempting to help a CH?
I may be overreacting- but sometimes we have to go through cycles of NTYs and withdrawing until we get it right- most contests I win, the majority of my entries started as complete NTYs.


On the other hand, there are contests where almost every entry is Love it or Like it because the CH wants to be nice or that’s their style which also skews things and makes percentile unreliable. So those who don’t participate much in them lose out and those who do a lot benefit.


I agree. There were a few recently that I kind of gave up on because it was all likes- you know you dont really have a chance when every contestant has 5, 9, 15 likes or loves. Should we participate purely to raise our score?


Deleting post, my score was readjusted. It seems I typed much too soon.

I agree with this. I mean, if we have a down spell (which I think we all do eventually) then we’re being double hit - by lack of high ratings and lack of wins… or sometimes we have enough high ratings but they just aren’t transferring to wins (pretty sure contest holders shortlist my entry and then fall off the planet or something).


@littodino Keep in mind that your percentile ranking is not soley based on the ratings you receive. They are based on what you are rated vs what others are rated in a given contest. For example, in your scenario of 689 NTYs and 1 love, the creatives that received a NTY would virtually be unaffected and the creative with a love would see a positive affect on their percentile.

Because of this I actually throw out more ideas to a contest with a ton of NTYs and tend to be more cautious when the CH ratings are more evenly spread out. If the majority of ratings are above a NTY that’s when a NTY will really hurt!

I just realized the limit will account for withdrawn entries. What happens when a CH changes the direction of the brief. Or you misspell something. Say you only get 50 entries for the entire 7 day contest- and the brief is changed 12 times.

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Well done SquadHelp. Always improving:)

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@Grant When does this start? Tomorrow?

Hi All - The new entry limits should be active now.

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