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Woohoo! Way to go @Commulinks! :clap: :fireworks: :tulip: I’m very happy for you! :slight_smile: You have a truly amazing portfolio so I believe more sales are just around the corner! Keep it up! :wink:


Congratulations Clinks! Champagne on me tonight ( in Nairobi :wink: and thank you for the good wishes to us all. Enjoy your sale :clap::clap::tada::tada:


Congratulations Clinks!

I often sell names that I handregged 4/5/6+ years ago! Buy a name for $9, renew it for 10 years and your total outlay is still just under $100. Sell for $1000+.

Imagine if you’d been around 4/5/6+ years ago, the names you would have bought and held!

Well you are in that position. In 4/5/6+ years from now, how many people will be jealous that you got in now and they didn’t.

It’s an expensive game in the beginning because you outlay a lot and have very little return, but it does come around.


Thanks everyone for your kind words. I was away for a bit so I didn’t see your wonderful comments right away. You are right @AbleBrands !


Would you share with us the ratio of Shortlist/Views that domain had? And was that a factor in your decision of renewing it?


@DNFront, shortlisting and view counts did not start for several months after the marketplace started and this was one of early names in the marketplace. It had only 8.68% shortlists but was under-counted because of those early months without that data. I am not certain when that data became available but I think it was at least in early 2018.

This is a really good question, because it does matter on most names and does play a role in how I view them. However, there are some names that are either so unique or so focused on one industry that the data can be a tad off, although the percentage of shortlist/views should still be on par. Also, if my names are still bringing interest, especially recently, I do consider that. I did not have a lot of names early on in the marketplace so I have been renewing all of them.

From what I am seeing with my own names, if the name is falling below 10% shortlist/views, it’s a name that is not doing all that well. Another later name of mine sold at 11.44% shortlists/views. So as I have kept track for several months, I can see these trends and it has helped me in how I view/consider the names.

Hope that helps.


Thank you so much for these insights!! It’s really usefull!! :slight_smile:


I think analyzing the shortlists is somewhat problematic because IMO some of the shortlists might be done by creatives who are browsing the marketplace and not CHs, or creatives liking their own names (If that’s even possible). I don’t know if that’s the case or not. If it happens, it isn’t a bad thing since a higher number could potentially encourage a buyer to buy a name fearing that someone else who liked it will beat them to it. But it could also skew the data.


Overall, Moretal, I have found it to be helpful because it is spread over all names pretty equally I would say. It is an indicator that is useful to me.


@Commulinks Yeah, not saying that it can’t be helpful. Just thought it was worth mentioning that the data can also include shortlists by people other than the CHs so it can be skewed.


Yes, it is very true and usually when the name hits the marketplace (first month). I can see that in the stats.

@DNFront - Honestly, I keep track mostly for encouragement. I never have any idea which name is going to find its perfect customer. But it does also help me to know which types of my names might be more popular for future marketplace submissions. Well, I actually have yet to figure this out completely so I shouldn’t really say that. LOL. (Super short, based on a key word, blends, made-ups, compounds…) Haven’t really gotten a handle on that yet LOL. Some of them have surprised me, though!


I would like to know if anyone has noticed any effect on sales since Squadhelp started marketing names with lifestyle images on the examples page.


I would like to know that, too, Daisy. I haven’t had a chance to check all my names to know if they have the lifestyle images on the examples page. Like you told me, the only way to know is to click on all of them to see if there is an image. I wish we had an easy way to know!


@Commulinks you have so many names in the marketplace it would be hard to click on all of them :slight_smile: Congrats on the sale of your renewed name !!!


Thanks so much @ChristyMay.