Update to Entry Ratings

Based upon feedback from Contest Holders, we have added the ability for them to continue to rate entries even after the contest closes. Inability to rate entries immediately after contest close was leading to confusion, and making it difficult for them to eliminate or rank the submissions. The shortlisting feature will still be utilized for important validation steps such as Audience Testing and Trademark Validation


@grant, does it count against our percentage score?

To my knowledge the highest score you receive, no matter if it goes up or down, is what affects your scores. So I imagine this applies to closed contests as well.

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Ratings made after the contest closes will apply to your Quality Score, but since this update is applied to all Creatives, and your Score is relative, we do not believe this change will have an overall effect in any individual’s Score.

Also, as @Chasity2ku mentioned, if a CH lowers your rating after the contest closes - or even before the contest closes - only the highest rating is applied to your Score, so this lowering will have no effect.


Thanks for the update.

@grant what is I’m rated no thank you and later rate like it or love it, which will be applied to my percentile scores?

@Muyi4every - The highest rating - and only the highest rating - always applies.