Update: Recent Winners Page Display

Squadhelp tries to incorporate certain key ideals into each decision that we make…

Recently, we became concerned about the security of names and domains listed on our Recent Winners page. We had several situations where CHs could not register their winning domain because it was already registered after being displayed on the Recent Winners page. In order to protect the IP of the CH and ensure that they receive the deliverable paid for, we began hiding winning names until the domain was registered.

Unfortunately, we have now realized that this is causing some unrest within the Community because it has limited the transparency of the platform. As a crowdsourcing platform, we are committed the Creative Community, and we understand the need for transparency.

Moving forward, we will show all winning names, even if they are not registered, to Tier A Creatives. This will allow us to continue to provide transparency within the process. We will continue to follow the current display policy for non-Tier A creatives as well as unregistered visitors (i.e. names will only be displayed once they are registered).

It is of course still our Policy that any name listed on the Recent Winners page should not be registered by anyone. The winning names (and their close variations) are the IP of the Contest Holder.

If we come across any violations of this Policy, we will take immediate action for the violation of our Terms of Service.


Thanks @grant, that is encouraging! I love looking at the names, I’ve awed and inspired by the winning names. It was a bummer to see those who won not to showcase their winning names. Thanks for listening to us!


I’m glad to hear this. I think it’s a good compromise. However, I’m not always a tier A creative and it’s mostly because of my small participation in contests. When I’m more active in contests I tend to become tier A quite quickly. Even though I don’t get to participate much in contests (because it takes time to submerse yourself into a contest and do some deep brainstorming) I am active on this platform every single day and have been for almost three years straight. I feel 100% I’ve showcased loyalty and respect for the rules and regulations. I’ve had some hiccups here and there but NEVER in regard to stealing IP.

I don’t know that you’d be able to include non tier A creatives that have proven themselves over time to be trustworthy without some backlash or the favoritism card being pulled but just wanted to throw it out there. Something similar to permanent tier A status but for trust etc. or similar to the trust levels in the forum.

On a side note: while I support this new implementation I do see a small flaw in that some of the tier A creatives that will gain this privilege may infact be tier A because they’re stealing ideas. Just a thought :thinking:

Thanks for listening :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @Chasity2ku,

Thank you for this feedback. At this time, we would like to limit the visibility of unregistered winning names to a very small group, for reasons stated previously. However, we may look into providing additional visibility in the future.