Upcoming Changes to Searchable Basic Plus Listings

Beginning next week, we will be making a change to Basic Plus listings. We will be eliminating the “Searchable Basic Plus” listings category. Previously, a small percentage of Basic Plus listing were automatically made Searchable in the Premium Marketplace if they met certain thresholds.

However, in order to apply a consistent curation and approval criteria, only approved Premium Listings will be added to the Marketplace going forward.

This change does not effect the status of existing Searchable Basic Plus listings. If you currently have BP listings that are searchable, they will continue to stay searchable in the Marketplace.


This may come as a disappointment for creatives who push their unapproved names to premium with a lot of work. Probably it seems SH doesn’t want $NNN domains in its premium MP, especially seen when people sort from ‘low to high’.

I would also want sorting to be done according to discounted price (not listed price) as it will make buyers think they got a good catch, which otherwise won’t be seen by the buyer as they would run out of steam on maybe the 4th page when sorted. Also, Offering discount and not showcasing the product is counterproductive.

By removing BP listings, you are trying to ensure premium curation and sorting by discount will result in better sell through for sure. I’ve relied on discounts and it has proved well.


I consider this step an unpopular solution, especially for domainers who are loyal to the SH and like to keep all their eggs in one basket. I was forced to remove unseen 4-letter domains from the market, because now they don’t have any chance. But SH team always benefits from the sale of domains, even if they are not premium. Think about it.


I’ve really been giving this some thought, even before this announcement. Here are the issues I have:

  1. We effectively have 5 different marketplaces…
    BasicPlus Searchable
    We all know the deals with each “marketplace”, I won’t go into those.

  2. Many of us want to keep our eggs in one basket. It’s getting harder and harder to do that. Even I am building up a portfolio at a marketplace I once left! I don’t want to do that.

This won’t be a popular suggestion I’m sure, not for creatives or for SH, but I’m going to throw it out there anyway… why don’t we just move to 2 marketplaces? Premium and WLM. Let’s do away with the BasicPlusSearchable, BasicPlus and Basic marketplaces.

Premium (and we all be forced to accept the current commission rules at no further expense to us whether names previously submitted used coins or not - and early adopters just got lucky on names submitted before coins existed, we’ve had enough ‘unlucky’ things for being early adopters so this would make up for it).

Basic Plus Searchable - Names with logos be upgraded to premium at no further expense to us (we’ve already paid for a logo and we’ll be taking a cut in commission from 25% down to 30%). Names without a logo have until a certain date to buy a logo, if they don’t they should be transferred to the creatives WLM.

Basic Plus (not Searchable) - names should be moved to the creatives WLM.

Basic - Should be just removed. Names should be transferred to the creatives WLM. Assistance should be provided to those without a WLM that would like one. I doubt there are many names on Basic anyway?!

WLM - same rules as now apply, other than creatives can submit their own names to contests.

I’d really like to bite the bullet and tidy up, let’s just get it over with all at once. I’d be interested in what other creatives and SH feel about this (or something like it).


Able. I appreciate your contribution to the development of the market and educational activities for novice domainers. But what you are proposing is an escape. Avoiding the problem. If there are no basic plus domains, the SH market will be significantly depleted. Many will return with their portfolios to other sites. And the SH was striving for the opposite - namely, to become a major player in the domain market. This is a double-edged sword that will hit the creatives who will not be able to offer own domains in contests now, because DNS will no longer indicate to SH. Now we need to think hard before making a decision. All of us. And I am sincerely grateful to the SH team, which gives us the opportunity to speak out and make a decision together that will suit everyone and lead the platform to better results.


I am totally with this change. Basic listings should not be searchable in the marketplace because the market is already very competitive and shareable B+ could grow to add unfair competition.

Unfair competition because:

  1. premium domains require review B+ does not
  2. you can list zillions of B+ domains you cannot do the same with premium names
  3. The fact that only B+ domains that received 3+ voted are searchable, does not prevent searchable B+ numbers from growing to very high number over long time
  4. B+ are non exclusive, premium names are exclusive and cannot be listed anywhere else
  5. there is WLM now so no need for searchable B+

SH marketplace is already crowded and very competitive so I prefer to keep it curated as much as possible

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Colleague, you think like a domainer. And this is one side of the coin. But don’t forget that the SH is a competitive naming platform. Many creatives registered domains because they were afraid that someone else would do it. These creatives weren’t going to be domainers. They just wanted to submit their names in contests. If their names weren’t accepted as premium, what should they do now? What exclusivity are you talking about? Premium domains are also listed on Afterniс and Sedo like some basic plus domains. There is no difference. But the fate of the creatives who have trusted the site and registered domains for themselves depends on the team’s decision.

We pay coins for Afternic which is the only external platform that does matter (because Afternic=Godaddy).

The main concern is that searchable B+ will grow overtime and could one day become 50% or more of the market, which will mix with premium names in search results and ranking, this ultimately will be against the benefit of all premium names sellers… and SH market is all about curated premium names thats why I joined SH instead of others!

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I will not argue. But many creatives registered domains from scratch one by one and got the premium status with great difficulty, and some large domainers with big portfolio escaped this fate at the very beginning of the SH marketplace formation. And now you want to remove small players (read, creatives) from the market. But this is not the right decision for a naming platform, so the basic own domains must remain for creatives to continue submitting them in contests.

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Brilliant, as always, @AbleBrands !

I had a boat load of Basics I just didn’t renew in August. I have only 18 Basic Plus names now and judging from what is in the premium marketplace NOW they belong there. Let’s just grandfather them all in. I bought logos. I will continue to renew them.

I love how you clearly show how our LOYALTY to SH matters - a LOT. And it is TRUE. I want everything IN ONE PLACE.

Basics and non searchable BP now go in WLM. For me, that meant DROP. But that is OK!

@Edukar, Basic Plus names that are searchable are “nearly” as good as Premiums so they should be premium. Those that are not searchable are not getting any visitors. NOBODY looks at the Basic marketplace where they reside. They are in a wasteland here.


@Edukar. I’m also suggesting that names in the WLM are able to be submitted to contests. We upload them into the SH platform so there must be a way for it to happen. That would effectively make the WLM the same as Basic.

For me it IS about keeping our eggs in one basket. With only 2 marketplaces our names would be in Premium or the WLM, both having the ability to submit their names into contests. I’m just trying to suggest a way that simplifies everything that both domainers and creatives can work with.


Exactly! We win on Basic Plus Searchable, we lose on Basic Plus non-searchable. Swings and roundabouts. SH wins/loses the other way around too.

Provided all names can be submitted to contests, no matter where they are, it will keep both creatives and domainers listing at SH, not some names at SH and some names elsewhere.


You will lose on the long run when too many basic listings become searchable thats why @grant announcement is the right thing to do IMO.

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Friends, let’s not get distracted from the topic. We received a message that Searchable Basic Plus category will be removed. This does not mean that basic domains will be dropped as a class. We will be able to continue to offer’em in contests. I agree that premium listings should have pretty names with approved logos. And we will always have the opportunity to re-submit our BPL domains for approval. Only I ask the team to be guided by statistics, as it was before, if a domain is liked by CHs in the contests, then it has every right to be approved as a premium


I like the idea from AbleBrands and Commulinks. There’s too many marketplaces and too many options. I can’t keep up - it’s way too confusing. I get dozens of questions from fellow domainers who can’t figure out what’s going on with all the SH marketplaces and they don’t have an hour to read through all the options and take notes and compare them so they can decide where to list. Two marketplaces is all we need. Prem and WLM. As others have said if you’ve paid $5 for a logo on BP you should be able to upgrade to Prem for free when BP plus is dissolved.

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Not surprising. Everyone who has many domains and who practically does not participate in contests has a similar position. But SH is still a naming site, not just a domain marketplace. And we need a mechanism to protect names from registration. If a creative registers few domains, why would they open a WLM page and pay for it? Therefore, the team leaves creatives the right to have base names. This is required in order for creatives to offer their own domains in contests.


what is WLM Marketplace please :slight_smile:

@AbleBrands Thanks for the feedback. We have been evaluating the various listing types and will be making an announcement soon that simplifies our listing options.