Upcoming Changes to our Listing Types

Any previously submitted Basic Plus domain (which is not searchable in premium Marketplace) will be automatically converted to Standard Listing with Exposure Upgrades. Therefore, your commission will reduce from 25% (min $400) to 20% (min $300), plus the names will now be included in Retargeting Advertising.

If you do not wish to keep the Exposure Upgrade, you can delist the names at any time, and add them back as Standard Listings with 7.5% commissions.

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If you upgrade from Basic Plus to Premium, the commission will change as per the Variable commission pricing:


Alternatively if you do not wish to upgrade to Premium, you can keep the name Searchable with the currently assigned commission rate for that domain.

It actually translates as No.

If you have already paid for the Logo, you do not need to pay another coin when upgrading your Basic Plus Searchable listing to Premium. A complimentary coin will be automatically added for the domain by SH. Therefore you will automatically receive the benefits of coin submissions (better commission rates, partial exclusivity benefit)

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That is excellent news! Thanks for the update.