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I am new here. First of all, let me thank Squadhelp for providing an opportunity to express our creativity. I am not a professional designer and never took part in any branding contests in past. I simply like to play with words and also draw some twisted designs. My concern is that I am not able to utilize my creativity in the best way. As a new joiner there are restrictions at no. of entries per contest. Some contests are invitational only. Sometimes contest holders does not sees my entries, if they sees, they doesnt rate my entries. Therefore I am not able to add more entries in case if a contest holder does not like my entries. Somtimes it remains unsees even if contest is closed. Due to restriction I cant even communicate with CH. To make this option enable I need 400 points at least in my account. Irony is that 50 points will be deducted for making one entry as Best Entry. :frowning:

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First of all…I would not recommend using your points for best entries. I don’t think it gets you much if any traction.It’s more important to accumulate your points to free yourself to participate more.

Secondly…as frustrating as it can be…we all went thru it until we were here for awhile, and were able to get past that and win a contest, or or gain enough points.Think of it as a “trial period”.

Even as a senior member…I still have the same problem,where I work hard on entries that are not rated,or sometimes not ever even seen.It’s just part of the gig here.

Hang in there and best of luck!


There have been and still are many others that share your concerns. It can be very difficult to get past the newbie obstacles but Holly is right…don’t mark entries as “best entry”…it just isn’t worth it. You’ll still find they’re not seen or rated all the same. And some of your concerns will remain regardless how well you do or how long you’ve been at it.

However, new contests are supposed to roll out in the near future that are going to be “co-managed” by SH. If you’re able to enter these I would do so as you are guaranteed that somebody will take the time to at least view your entry and provide feedback if nessacary. Focusing on these may help new members overcome some of these well known, frustrating, yet needed obstacles. (I don’t know though…it’s just a thought)

I say needed because while there may be a better way, there is a need to protect SH and its members. If you participate long enough this need becomes obvious, or did for me.

Anyway, I know it can be rough and you’re definitely not alone! But if you enjoy it, keep at it! Check out the how to stay encouraged thread. It’s good advice and good support!

Good luck! Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the guidance.