Unrated Entries

Dear SH Team,
The post is regarding unrated entries. I don’t know how it will sound to you and to other contestants, but yet taking this opportunity to share my views on this.


I am little confused regarding unrated entries by the CH and could not able to get an idea whether the same has been seen by the CH or not.

There are so many contests running where a large number of entries still to be rated (like in Car rental company naming contest, CH hasn’t started rating entries inspite of receiving 700 entries and already elapsed 2 days) and one of the contests (there might be some more) winner has been chosen by just rating 9 entries out of some 600 odd submissions.

Reasons for Unrated entries:

Inspite of so many requests made to CH for rating, if still entries not been rated then there could be reasons as stated below: (could have some more)

  1. CH doesn’t like the entry.
  2. Still not started the process of rating.
  3. Hasn’t noticed yet.
  4. Already decided the winning entry.
  5. Has to discuss with his/her Team/superiors.

Purpose Served:

If I could, at least, able to know that particular entry of mine has been noticed by CH but not rated then it will give me an opportunity to replace the same with fresh entry. (Of course after waiting for some more time)

Solution: (don’t know about it’s Feasibility)

This could be done by putting an icon or color, along with the unrated entry, as soon as CH notices the entry. (In the same way as unread email’s status changed to read after reading/opening)

Please excuse me, if the idea of mine doesn’t serve any value addition to the current process/structure.

Best Regards

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@Dan, Thanks for introducing “Seen By CH” status feature:)

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