Unclear about newbie rules

It was my understanding that newbies were limited in the contests they could enter, and the number of names they could submit.So how is it a newbie can in two weeks of joining enter 50 contests,and submit 245 entries? I’m confused.

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I may be wrong but I think another time I read that new contestants were able for random contests. There are so many contest now that 50 may be normal and I believe even if they have a limited amount of submissions, once they are rated they can delete and re-enter. I think all that was ever submitted shows up as counted. Just my thoughts. There are some lucky new namers;)

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I am a newbie, so I can answer this question! When I first signed up, I could only enter one competition with only 5 entries. One of my entries was liked, so it gave me 10 more entries. Then I had two more open up for me to enter. Again, I started with just 5 entries, then they liked one, so I got 10 more. Then another contest opened up to me. Based upon my “percentage liked,” I was able to submit 30 entries in the next several of contests. I can’t remember if it was 20 at first and then liked, so 10 more or if I was just given 30 right off the bat. I’ve entered almost every contest since February 12th that I was eligible for. On the uber driver one for example, he declined most of my names, so I was able to delete those and enter another 20. Then delete, then enter another 20, etc. Since February 12th, I’ve entered 97 contests and had 1400 entries.

Ok, now this makes me sound like I have no life.


You have a remarkable memory! :wink:

I’m a newbie of four weeks and, like @VelocityGirl, my entries were limited initially. After a few good ratings, I was eligible for more entires, and eventually more contests were opened up to me. Right now I’m at 74 contests and 335 entries. Not sure if that’s a lot or not, but I can say I’ve probably been excited and overzealous as I learn the ropes! Haven’t had any wins, and I admit I’m probably at a discouraged stage, but SH is such a fun, creative outlet! And I very much enjoy seeing the winning entries from seasoned creatives such as you @hollygirl !! :+1:t2:


@hollygirl Rules for Newbies

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