Unchosen names showing up as Domains later

I’ve had a few names I’ve submitted show up a few days later as domains. Is anyone else having that issue?


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Yes, I’ve had this problem. Just recently too. I had several domain names that I submitted in a contest that closed a couple of days ago. Since the CH didn’t rate them that high, I thought I would reuse those domains in a current contest. I find most of the ones I had submitted previously are now taken. How can this be prevented?



Jose, you didn’t tell them “about” anything, you told them what “you” think and what “they” need to do. Neither slandered CHs or the site. When names disappear a day or two after a contest close it is often no coincidence. I didn’t tell them what happened or what to do. Instead I let them know that yes, it does happen and gave them an example of how things worked out in my recent experiences. Unfortunately many of us do experience these “coincidences” but it’s mostly just part of the deal. If they had “slandered” anyone or posted inappropriate comments I’m pretty sure you’re not SH’s forum police in charge of telling them what they need to do different? I re-read your original post and I fully stand behind my interpretation and response to it. Let’s just stop here and get back to something productive.

CherryPop- Thank you for your gracious, helpful and well reasoned reply to me. I appreciate it very much :smile:

BTW, I love your name!

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Hi Laura,
Could you tell us the name of the contest so that others might check? Not that it really matters, as there is usually not much to do about it. Just an unfortunate occupational hazard. I think that most CHs are pretty ethical about it, just a few rotten apples. Thanks for the kind words…CPN

I would like to remind everyone about the rules of this forum. Please keep the discussions constructive and stay away from any personal attacks or arguments.


I fully agree Dan. I spoke up because the tone of the afforementioned replier was uninviting and bordering on bullying.

And Dan, it’s fine by me if you go ahead and delete this whole thread as it has become counterproductive to the spirit of this forum.

Hi CherryPop, I’m confused, lol. Do you work here or a moderater? Just curious!


Hi Dan-

I hope I didn’t come across as critical! It was NOT my intention at all!


@LauraE, not at all. And even if you were critical, that is completely ok. We encourage sharing constructive or critical feedback, so that we can improve our platform. As long as the posting guidelines are followed, all feedback (positive or critical) is fair game.

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