Unawarded Contests

Do contests close and remain unawarded for an extended period? If so, for how long? There appears to be a serious gap between the contest(s) closing and determining a winner. Please posts your thoughts.

SH’s policy is that the contest holder is supposed to declare a winner 30 days after closing. HOWEVER, exceptions have to be made for CH’s who have a delay for a good reason (was out of the country, sick, etc). That said, sometimes they go much longer than that but have had contact with SH with reasons that SH determined were OK. I believe there are also (sometimes) delays due to registered domains.


There obviously are reasons… for example companies where they my use internal meetings to maybe share names and get feedback from peers… or they have to go through multi levels of management for approval etc… it is definitely a process… I have seen some contest go for 3 months til a winner has been declared. Generally with the SH managed contests they have been really good about “MANAGING” the time frame… and then it also takes a bit of extra time for Audience Testing then TradeMarking. And that is also with the higher value contests. The more time challenging timeframe is when it comes to multiple overarching product naming it is difficult to foresee the barometer aspect of those which they most of them are in LIKE mode and not shortlisted because I think they have to go thru several levels of testing …