Unassignable Logos

Facing a problem where I see logo design requests from the marketplace listed as “pending logo design,” but I can’t assign them to myself. When I click the “Assign to me” button, I get a message that says, “this domain is temporarily unavailable for…”. Are other logo designers experiencing the same issue? What is the response from the support team?

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I also see this problem: “This domain is temporarily unavailable for logo assignment. Please try after 285.77 hours”. I wrote to technical support several times, I was told that it is under consideration by the technical team and I still have not received a response and it has not been fixed. I hope it works soon.


Nice observation, I experienced the same issue but it has been sorted out now. Everything is back to normal.

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Lucky you! It still isn’t normal yet. Though those ‘unassignable logos’ have been removed, I am not getting any new logo design requests for thr last 4-5 days. Not sure what’s wrong.