Unable to scroll when messaging CH

Every time I have a long conversation with a CH in regards to my submission our conversation gets cut off. It won’t allow me to scroll down once the conversation fills the message box. Therefore I’m unable to read full comments and access the box to add a new comment. I then have to either reply on another submission (confusing to CH) or send a private message. In light of the recent policy update I’d rather not do that.

Is anyone else having this issue? It’s been a problem for me from the start. I thought it was because I was on an iPad but I had the same issue when on my laptop.

Yes, I have had this issue once or twice also.

SH must have done something because I can scroll now! If so, thank you!

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Ugh!!! It’s not scrolling again. I guess it’s just an isolated issue with me. I seem to be the only one with the issue aside from the few you had KKim. Oh well I guess :confused:

I am sure it’s because comments aren’t meant to have full conversations. Just brief explanations. There should be a limit on number of characters.

@Dan is there a limit - if not there should be - it’s not meant for long communications is it?


That’s not the issue because the other day it let me scroll. Why that day and no other?

Also, if my conversation with a contest holder is in regards to my specific submission, than it shouldn’t matter how long the conversation is.

That’s why I am asking @DAN for clarification if the entry comment should be limited to a certain number of characters. Doesn’t seem to make sense to have an uber long need.

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Here is an example of my problem:

I submit an entry and in the comment section I give a brief description of my inspiration, a possible tagline or two, and also let them know of domain availability.

I also start each individual point as a new paragraph (much like I have here) because jumbling several different points into one paragraph is confusing and looks bad.

When the CH replies, if my comment and their reply is large enough to push the reply box down far enough I have to scroll to get to it. I’m not able to do this.

I did say “long” conversations in the initial post but I just meant enough characters and spacing to cause scrolling to be needed.

I would imagine you’ve had to scroll on more than one occasion to reply to a CH comment after you’ve already commented something. Now imagine if you couldn’t.

I’m also not able to scroll back through the convo to see what was said, even if I’m not even trying to reply. I can only view what the comment box shows when it first pops up.

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