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Quick question, asking just out of curiosity,

Yesterday, I’ve asked this using the blue button but I feel like I’ve got just “copy+paste” answer with a link to the section which I know.

I’ve been on this site for almost two years now and in '17 & '18 the longest period of contest without a selected winner either by CH or SH was 3 months max. Now today, there’re plenty of contests which ended 3, 4 or close to 5 months ago. I didn’t catch any new rules about that (if they came) as we entered 2019 or before NYE, so what has changed that there are contests like that? Mind you, some CH were last active more than one month ago.

Should we expect a situations like this to be normal now? Again, I understand that finding the best name/tagline might be difficult or complex for some CH, but how much time should be enought, if appararently over 120 days are not enought?



Typically, these contests are non-guaranteed contests that will never resolve because SH does not distribute the money on non-guaranteed contests if they are abandoned.

Yet, I have seen this happen on others. The reasons are usually: an unanswered reported domain, a CH who has been in contact in SH because they’ve had some kind of life event that has kept them from naming a winner or a CH who reopened or extended their contest several times. The rule starts from the date the contest last closed… so when they extend contests, the clock resets.

BUT…sometimes there seems to be no reason. I report them to SH when I see any contest way beyond the reasonable time.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback. Our intention is always to award the contests as early as possible and we now have several mechanisms in place to remind and encourage the contest holders to select a winner.

In addition to some of the reasons that @Commulinks shared, one other thing that we are seeing is that we are now getting several large companies as customers whose decision and validation cycles can be quite long (due to multiple stakeholders, validation and testing processes etc). If a contest hasn’t been awarded, there usually is a valid reason for that delay.

Having said that, your feedback is noted, and we will continue to look for ways to ensure the contests are awarded in a timely fashion.


@Commulinks I would most definetly don’t start this topic if it wasn’t for a guaranteed contests as I simply don’t longer participate in the other ones.:slight_smile: And I could tell that most of those CH’s were coming to the site just before Cha-Ching, so that lead me to wonder if they’re just coming to “bump” their time to “think” without having the award selection on top of their agenda. Btw. You said you report those contests/CH’s so what’s for you an unreasonable amount of time to do that?

@grant Thank you. So I asked should we just think about those situations as normal now? Because it kinda looks like (it’s just my thought) that rules on that matter tend to be inteprated in a various different ways, kind of always in favor of CH’s. Simple question: What makes you guys end some unawarded contest just after a 30 days without the selected winner/no info from the CH and in other cases it can take 120 days+? Every rule should be the same for everybody right? I know I’m simplifing things, but on the other hand, clear rules & the execution of them in a one way for everybody shouldn’t lead to a faster & better growth of SquadHelp? Just thinking out loud.


A section of the policy clearly stated that the contest might stay way beyond a month timeline should in case the contest holder is into an external validation or the likes. So in response to your answer, it’s yes it’s normal to see a contest of even up to 5 months if that’s what it takes to trademark the name. Mind you, chaching is just the final resolve on abandoned contest, but never the initial purpose of launching a contest or participating in the contest

So could it stay like that for 100 months then?:slight_smile:

I assume as long as the CH is in contact with SHadmin, the contest will stay pending for as long as it takes

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Yes or even more than, in as much as the contest holder is into contact with squad help

I guess I would say if it has been closed 3 months or more but that is typically when I see the CH hasn’t been around at all for a very long time. But for the most part, I know there is a reason…

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I look at the last time the CH logged in and not how long ago the contest ended. As long as the CH is loggin in, I assume they are going thru the process of trademarking and other legalities. Not all business are small, some are very large corporations. Usually there are alot of people involved in the process and not just the CH who started the contest.

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So the Cha-Ching is happening today, huh? :face_with_monocle:

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Is tax day a holiday is the real question :joy:


Only for the IRS. They are receiving gifts lol


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Probably not the right place to post this… but thanks folks.


Whoopeeee - Congratulations!!! :sunglasses:

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Thanks @AlwriteyThen. I decided to delete my post since this probably isn’t the right place for it. Happy Tax Day to all.

But that’s amazing!! You should be proud! I’ve never sold a domain- so I’m just in awe! :hugs::clap:t2::confetti_ball:

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@littodino Thanks. I’m basically a full time domainer at this point and have had higher sales including two higher ones this year but it’s always nice when one of these lands. I’m sure the IRS agrees. :slight_smile: Anyway, It didn’t happen at SH so I decided it’s just derailing this thread which is supposed to be about unfinished contests!

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