Ummm, Leaderboards?


What’s up with the leaderboards? They usually update at midnight on the last day of the month, right?


kind of, i guess what got it delayed this time around is the not-yet-concluded-Cha-ching


@BlueSpice I thought that too, but this cha-ching wouldn’t be included in the totals for November, would it? IDK, it’s rather confusing this time around.


Bluebuttoned it yesterday. They said tec is aware of the problem and will be or already are working on it. Something to that affect, anyhoooooo.


Totally confusing most especially in my own scenario, I was in the leaderboard before chaching started and I’ve been benefiting from unlimited entries due to high ratings of last month, but I’m so surprised after the chaching I wasn’t there any longer. @grant why is it like that? I’m curious to know because I’m already frustrated


Hi All,

We had a few glitches with the Leaderboard during the first few days of the month. These should all be resolved at this time. If you are still seeing any issues, please report them to the Customer Service team via the blue button on any page of