Typo in one of my featured names

Was just admiring my public profile (come on, we all do it sometimes) and noticed that one of my names had been given the fancy treatment with an image—except that it says “Apstone Law” instead of “Capstone.” I know these gussied-up winners are sometimes featured in ads, so I thought it should probably be fixed.


LOL …i do that every day …especially when am low on motivations …i look back at the achievements… and most times am like wow i thought of that :grin:


This is serious, but am just passing by

Yeah, I’m embarrassed to have it in my profile.

better to be embarrassed than penniless I suppose

It’s not just me. It makes the whole site look bad to have an error in a featured name. I’m hoping this can be fixed.


Genius… did you blue button this? It may not be caught here in the forum and the blue button is faster.

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I never know what sort of things I should use it for vs. posting here. I tend to use it for things that seem more like an emergency so I’m not clogging it up.

Thanks, I’ll try that.


It disappeared from my profile completely, so I guess it’s moot. (Hoping it will come back as a featured name, though.)