Two points I'd like to make for changes

Number One: this has been addressed before but not corrected…All information the CH has provided somehow is not being contained in the main brief. There is pertinent info that is only showing up in the “click on” brief that you can only access from the entry page.I have made a few missteps, as I am sure others have too, by not catching the info (especially about names and words they don’t want) that is not showing up on the main contest page. Not only is it causing us to enter name/words that are not approved by the CH,causing us rejections…but also it must make the CH think we are idiots since we are submitting things they are asking us not to,and we are unaware of, as we are not getting this info on the main brief.Can this please be a priority to fix?

Secondly, can the timeclock on the entry page be returned to how it used to be, where it gives an actual minute countdown,please? If I am entering last minute entries…I would like to know exactly how much time I have left without having to go back to the contest page,or hoping I have enough time as on the entry page it only says “under an hour” or “0 hours”. Not very helpful.



HI, I’d like to add … when downloading my own entries to see what I have as still active vs. withdrawn, there is no column showing if the contest itself is still active or closed. Can this be added? Thanks

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