Two entries - and access to the competition is instantly denied ?!

Dear administration! I have contacted you earlier with how ill-considered it is to allow customers to deny access to contests for certain creatives. I understand that the ideas of the customer and the painter may not coincide, and in order to avoid unwanted ideas, you have given the customer the right to deny access to the competition to this or that creative. However, now a new competition has begun, and I did not have time to submit two ideas in order to “scan” the direction for ideas, as I was immediately blocked. After two ideas, Karl ?! Everything would be fine if such a surprise did not negatively affect my rating. Perhaps there should be some kind of “bar”, for example, five ideas? Well, not two records, right? Earlier, I asked you (and I was supported by other creatives) to create an opportunity for a creator to exclude a customer from their access for a similar or other reason. This request was ignored, and I understand that this is primarily due to the risk of depriving the customer of several tens and hundreds of ideas in the future. Good; I see a certain logic in this. In this case, maybe you should enable a feature for the contest that will display in real time the number of blocked creatives? I categorically do not even want to start participating in contests, where the customer literally from the first minute starts “hitting you on the hands”, not worrying at all about how this will affect the dignity of the creative, and, what is especially important, on his rating. I hope you will hear me, because regardless of whether I am the customer or the creative person, I am entitled to the same degree of respect. Thank you for the attention.


1000%%%% support what you are saying.


This is one of the primary reasons that I have foregone entering contests for awhile now, not the only, but one of the main ones. I don’t agree with the idea of not only being blocked but being punished as well (with the hit to rankings) when it has been brought up and alternatives have even been offered out time and again, ones that aren’t so heavy-handed against the creatives but still get the job done – just in other ways. I’m sorry that this has happened to you and so many others, especially when we’re not given reason, not given a warning system, and it can even be done when the creatives blocked and punished are putting in a lot of time and effort and then are blocked without ever having any other communication of any kind – so where is the reciprocity?


Wow, this contest site has become so toxic it’s better to just go to competitors. They never kill creatives just because they can’t read the minds of CHs.

Also, apparently this thread is now being used against us instead: “Exclude this customer from the list of contests for my participation in the future”

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