Trouble with GoDaddy?

Anyone else having trouble with GoDaddy when they are checking names? They either make me go thru box after box of recaptcha nonsense, and after that,still not give me the answer, or start it over again…and/or when I do the query about the name…a box will come up that says the name,then underneath “false”. I can’t get it to work right. Is anyone else experiencing this? It’s been a few days now.

Holly, are you using WhoIs on Godaddy? If so, I just tried it and did not have a problem.

@hollygirl…I do believe when you add your entry,squadhelp uses GoDaddy to check availability. But I’ve also had loads of domains registered a day after I submit them and the CH didn’t do it. They are anonymous registrants. I’m starting to wonder if GoDaddy registers names that are checked if they think they’re good ones.


Yes…I should have clarified…it’s when using Whois. I wonder why I am having this problem then.Thanks for letting me know it was ok for you,Commulinks.

LisaMac…I have brought this up too…in fact I think there was a prior thread about this also…I have my suspicions about GoDaddy also.I have had the same experience too many times for just coincidence,in my opinion.

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Holly, did you do some kind of update on your computer? Updates often mess things up. Also, I have learned that my anti-virus software sometimes interferes with some things so when you update that alone it can cause conflicts. Since I am no computer expert for sure, I would probably restart my computer and see if it still happens. (Or kick it…LOL).

@LisaMac - I have seen a LOT of this as well and the theme to me always seems to be what I would consider the best names. I REALLY wonder when I feel that the name is extremely unique and wonder who the heck thought that up at the same time as me.


There has been lots of complaints about GoDaddy registering names which people searched for using GoDaddy’s WhoIs.

I posted this in a thread here on June 11th Why are there so many entries showing available - then taken?

I’ve always used Internic