Trademark services upsell



I am wondering about the TM consulting services provided by SquadHelp. I would like to know how harmful they are to domain name sales.

A trademark is basically needed when a company has a market share or a marketing budget to protect from infringement. I get the “lean branding” concept and the use of early protection, but if every mom & pop buyer is provided with this option, it can be unnecessarily harmful to domain sales.

What is the SH charge for a basic TM search and how many do you do?

If domain sales outperform TM services it might be beneficial to consider having TM services more on request.




@Next_Venture We currently only offer TM research services to prospects upon request. We do not charge for this service if the buyer ends up purchasing the domain. if they do not purchase the domain, this service costs $49 (and they receive a comprehensive report prepared by a Licensed Trademark attorney).

About 20-25% of domain buyers ask for this report.