Trademark Checker

I’ve been meaning to ask SH about this for a while. I have noticed many contests where the CH wants a brandable name but the trademark checker isn’t part of the contest. Is it possible for SH to add the trademark checker to more types of contests? When CHs are looking for brand names, it should always be there but it isn’t.

@Commulinks - Most likely Trademark Check will remain a feature for high-end packages and those who choose to add it separately.

Thanks for responding. Here’s the issue… our names get rejected and we waste a LOT of time. If a CH expects US to check it anyway, then now the burden is on us. So some CHs are expecting that without buying it… ya know? It’s actually a lot of them… It takes us longer so we are paying for it essentially…
Is there another way?
Thank you!


I don’t mind checking for domain, because I check anyways…(I don’t like submitting names that are already out there unless specifically told otherwise by the CH). That said, perhaps in the near future SH could charge a seperate Extra fee for that service and make it required for contests requesting a brandable name. Just my thoughts…ThanX.


@Commulinks @Kral
Thanks for these thoughts. You’re making good points.