Trademark Check Not Working After Day 1

Hi, I’ve noticed on a several contests that the trademark availability check works on the first day of a contest as many names I try to enter result in the message that it is already taken. But after the first day I can go back and enter the same names and there is no warning. It goes through with no problems. Do clients remove the trademark check requirement or is it a glitch in the system or am I missing something?

@tkpro72 - There are two ways that Instant Trademark Check can work: (1) Trademarked names are not allowed to be entered into a contests or (2) Trademarked names are flagged for the CH.

Because of how Trademark law works, we usually recommend the second functionality. It is possible that a CH starts a contest not allowing Trademarked names and then switches to flagging Trademarked names instead.

On the first day, are you noticing that Trademarked entries are being blocked or are they just prompting a warning message?

It seems to be both depending on the contest, Sometimes there is just a warning that says the name is trademarked and recommends entering non trademarked names but I don’t think the system stops them from being entered. However in the latest contest the warning says something to the effect that the name is trademarked and the client wants non trademarked names. Once I see that warning I do not attempt to enter it in the contest. After day one all warnings disappear and I get the green okay to submit.

If you could chat us when this happens, I’d love to take a look.

I sent a link to one particular contest via the blue button and Janice told me it looked like the client changed the requirements hence the disappearing trademark warning. If it happens again I’ll let you know.

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