Trademark Availability Check

We are pleased to announce the addition of a new feature to check existing Trademarks instantly for names submitted to a contest. This option is available for all types of Naming contests. This is an “add on” option which is included in higher award packages.

This option will allow both the CH and contestants to instantly check for any existing Trademarks against the submitted entries. You will see a “Check Trademark” option under “Actions” menu if this option is enabled for the contest. The system checks against the USPTO (US Trademark) database and if it finds any matches, you can click on the details to see who currently owns a trademark on that name.

Soon we will also add this option on the submit entry page, so that you can check for Trademark availability while submitting entries vs. checking them later.

In general, it is always advisable to submit only those names which do not have existing Trademarks. However, currently we are not blocking the submission of names with Trademark - we are leaving that to the discretion of the contest holder, because every country has its own Trademark laws and regulations.


it would be useful if the ch would fill in what country they are from and maybe if they are using the name worldwide or in a specific country


Excellent, Dan! This will save a lot of time!

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is it working ? it seems to ok things that are in use

@Jose, can you PM an example that is in use? We will check it.

well I tested google and it ticked it - ive yet to be told one that isnt available

it seems to be working better now - i dont know if you changed anything


I love the trademark check. Wonderful addition. I have a question: Some of the names I checked, didn’t come up with any information one way or another.

I’m probably not explaining this well. Name #1, after check will give a prompt “No US Trademark Match Found”. Name#2, after checked" no prompt at all…

Does that mean the name is 'trademarked" ?

Thank you for your help!

@LauraE,it should show a link which opens a popup containing Trademark details (if a match is found). Can you share an example of an entry and the contest, where it is coming blank and we will look into it. You can PM the name if you prefer to keep it private.

Thank you @Dan

The contest is #4897, the Kids project building business. How do I PM the name to you? When I click on your name here, I get the same message screen as if I’m posting to everyone.

Laura that screen appears public but is private and will only show under your messages via your icon here

Thank you @seezall !

Hi @Dan The contest is #4897, the kid’s building project business contest.

@Dan I just posted a message about a couple of my names that seem to slip through the trademark screen. I thought it was private, but it was public. Now, three of my names are out there. I’m sick about it. Can you tell me how to pm you or one of your other team mates>

Thank you

@LauraE At a post made by Dan click on Dan’s username or Dan’s profile icon. This will pop up a box black in color, in it is a blue button “Message”

You can also click on this: @Dan

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All true. Nice win, Front! You can also e-mail Squadhelp service which I believe is I don’t know whether SH prefers PMs or e-mails, though.

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Thanks @Front, I thought I had clicked on the name icon…I’m not sure what I did wrong…

Congrats on “LaundryPorter”, very clever!

Thanks @auntshommy. I think I will email until I have two brain cells to rub together…