Total Points Issues

I’m not sure, where to put this, but I think there’s some glitch or technical issue with my total points. I’ve been submitting entries, but my total points stay the same. Recently, I’ve received 4 and 5 star entries, but the points are not adding up. I’ve contacted SH, and I’ve received some points. Today, I’ve submitted some entries, but my total points stay the same. Anybody else have this issue? I would appreciate any help. Thanks.

They said that you no longer get points for submitting entries. You get a flat 40 points for entering each contest. You will get/lose points based on ratings after that.

Here is a highlight of the changes.

Contest Participation: Now contestants will earn
flat 40 points for participating in a contest. Earlier, users could
earn additional points by submitting more entries to the contest,
however we believe that model was a bit flawed and created wrong
incentive for users to submit more entries, even if they were not high
quality entries. High Rated Entries: We have increased the points for 5 star and 4 star rated entries to 50 and 40 points respectively.Low Rated Entries: We have also increased the
penalty for low rated entries. Two star ratings will deduct 10 points,
and 1 star ratings will deduct 15 points. For example, if you submit 20
entries to a contest, and 10 of them receive 1 star rating, you will
lost 150 points in that case. Winning a contest: You will earn 100 points for winning a contestEarning a bonus: If you receive a bonus from CH for any of your entries, you will earn an additional 75 points.

30 Day Leaderboard
We will also be launching a 30
day leaderboard on the site. This will show the top 25 contestants who
have earned most number of points during the last calendar month. These
users will receive a substantial amount of additional bonus points. This
provides a level playing field for New and Existing users on the site
because the Leaderboard bonus will only be based on their last 30 days
of activity.

On the other hand, the bottom 25 contestants (who lost most points in
a month) will lose additional points, and a participation warning. They
will be given an opportunity over next 30 days to improve their

I am new to this forum, thanks for clarifying, Jackieheraty. But, when my entries were rated 4 or 5 stars, I did not received any points. They weren’t adding up. it stayed the same. That’s when I contacted SH. I hope, they’ll resolve this issue. Thanks for replying.

Ha ha, Jose. I guess, when you get 2 star rating, it deducts my points, but when I got 4 or 5 stars, it doesn’t do anything. Go figure!