Top Trending Revisited

A while back someone asked how the “Top Trending Creatives” in a contest were chosen. The answer given by @Grant was the following:
First name has the most loves…Second name has the most likes…Third has the most on right tracks.
I’m not sure that this is right. I am currently in a contest where I am the third top trending creative. So based on Grants explanation, this should mean I have the most “on the right track” submissions, correct?
Problem is I only submitted one name and it was given a love by the CH. So I’m wondering how does it really work.
Anyone? lol

It’s based on who has the most and highest ratings in a given contest.

For example: a creative could have 20 likes in a given contest, but if another creative has even one love they’ll take the first trending spot. However, if the creative that submitted 20 likes ends up getting a love then they would take the lead, because while they both have a love, one of them also has several likes.

The 2nd and 3rd spot work just like the 1st spot except they have the 2nd and 3rd most and highest ratings.

I’m assuming the confusion may have come from Grant trying to explain if there are no loves the creative with the most likes will take the first spot, and if there are no loves or likes then the creative with the most on the right track ratings will get the first spot.

Hope that helps :slightly_smiling_face:


I believe that what you described Grant as saying was something that SH tried and the creatives asked SH not to do. The system is those with the highest number of the highest ratings, whatever they are.

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Thank you ladies, I do believe I got it now