Top trenders triad sorting

Hi, Dan!
Can You explain what is principle of icons sorting in a top trending triad of users? Can CH move them of his own free choice? I noticed that a top trenders sometimes change as in a kaleidoscope in spite of the fact that the statistics in the section CONTEST STATS remains invariable.
I ask to forgive me a possible gaps of phrases - I am not the native speaker of English. It is hard to compete with Americans and all British Commonwealth here :slight_smile:
Thank You


I guess, it happens when there is an equal number of identically high-rated entries and no availability of other parameters to break the even spread


@Shelton, this is calculated automatically by the system based upon who has received the highest ratings so far.

For example, If there are two users who received equal number of 4 star ratings, we then look at their 3 star ratings and use their overall rating count to calculate their relative position.

Dan, thanks for the reply. The fact that it is based on data processing program, it is certainly clear ) The main thing is impossibility of CH voluntaristic actions, such as sorting icons according to the principle of external attractiveness of persons :slight_smile: Although this can easily happen in final )