Too many CHs are asking for combos

It seems CHs are taking advantage of the comments section by asking for more than what the contest is stated for. I think this should be off limits. I think when the extra stuff is stated in their description or in the comments, it should be deleted.


@mhmcoll90, you are absolutely correct. Each contest should be for one things and one thing only. When you see CHs asking for multiple names or a name and a tagline, let us know through the chat function on We’ll pause the contest right away and work with the CH to update their brief to align with our policies. We’ve got your back … One contest, one name, one payment.

However, we do support our CHs in using multiple names from one contest. In this case, they will choose one winner (the name they like the very best) and award a $50+ bonus to each creative that submitted an additional name they want to use.


Thanks Grant & Welcome to Squadhelp!!!


Ditto on the welcome!


I had a chat recently, relating to such a contest. It seemed like the CH wanted a catchy name and tagline, all in one. So I queried it. Only once I reported it, I went back to read what it said again. I realised the tagline, was exclusive to the name only - they wanted a catchy name that sounded like a tagline. When the person I was chatting to got back to me, after I said I may have got it wrong, they said they had to read it back to themselves as well. Because it did seem like they were asking for a combo, at first glance. But they did reference it to the name.

So sometimes it’s just how they chose to write their sentence, more than asking for a combo. I noted that I needed to read the sentence several times back to myself, before reporting it. When in doubt though, it doesn’t hurt to chat to someone else, for a second opinion either.

Welcome and Thanks Grant !! Great slogan for us " One contest, one name, one payment" :smiley: Lets work unitedly towards this…