Too little action


I’m bored and frustrated. Waiting for new contests. Waiting for contest results. Waiting for ratings. Waiting for marketplace submissions to be reviewed. Today seems especially slow.


This platform is built around patience.
For future reference, Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays can be slow.


Easy for you to say, I can’t stand seeing you ahead in all the contests.


Thank you <3
No need to be aggressive.


This community is for helpful or supportive comments…not to put down or be rude to fellow creatives who were trying to help you. Perhaps this may not be a good fit for you. As Dino said…this gig takes patience and hard work. It is not easy money. Everybody here comes here hoping they will make money…but also perhaps to make friends too and use their creativity. Perhaps you should look at it in a different light,or find something that suits your tastes better. Littodino has worked hard at this for some time.
Part of this is luck…submitting the right names at the right time with the right CH…but part of it is research,patience,and honing your naming skills. Not everyone is cut out for this. Best of luck.


I think I know why your frustrated Maldo but there’s no need to be so rude to someone trying to help you.

I’ve been domaining for 12 years, during that time I’ve sold hundreds of domains. I expected I could come on to SH and do really well easily. I’ve received many ‘love it’ ratings but unfortunately have not yet won a contest. Same with premium marketplace listings, only 10% approved.

I’ve come to realise that SH users and contest holders have a very specific taste in domains and 90% of the contest holders are only interested in hand registrations. Even if you submit a fantastic 4 fig brand they will likely reject it.

Keep going at it but I think you need to realise the same as me that SH has very specific taste in domains.


Submit, Pray, Wait…then submit some more. Lol. Actually as others have already pointed out it helps to Prepare, Promote, Persevere, Pray and a lot of Perpetual Positivism and Patience.
Best Wishes~


You’re so sweet love :slight_smile: <3 You summed it up 110%
“but part of it is research, patience, and honing your naming skills.”


A word of advice! Don’t pay attention, who’s ahead in contests. Concentrate on yourself and just submit the best entries! Pop some chocolates in your mouth, relax and breathe. And good luck!


I have to say you’ve done a great job so far. Good work.


I know you are frustrated but please keep in mind that when others succeed here at squadhelp it helps everyone. Great names = happy customers = more contests to participate in.


Domaining/contesting is indeed, like others have said and as I have found, a total thing of patience and persistence. It can lead to frustration if you let it. I’ve entered quite a many contests where I have to wonder if the CH even reads their own Brief when choosing names. But here’s the thing: You just have to go “screw it” and move on to other contests. Really,it’s all a matter of finding out what works, finding the knack of things, and working from there. That sort of thing happens after time, not overnight.


Believe it or not I get that, there are times when waiting for them to pick a winner can drive you mad, and it is an easy trap to get into constantly checking, especially when you are in the running, best thing happened once, I submitted names, friend came in from out of town, never checked, a week later money in account…now I do not have that disclipline. We get addicted to little green smiley faces and I sometimesfeel that isnt productive. You are not alone. But I found the second I get overly frustrated I get a win.


Me, I’m disappointed when I’m on the final podium, number 1 short-list … and another name is chosen. My world is falling apart.:sob:

But it is a very rare situation. So, I’m not expecting anything. I submit, I submit; and when, finally, a victory comes, I explode with joy.:heart_eyes_cat:


Me too. I came back to SquadHelp after a while, was at 88%. Entered a bunch of contests, most of which didn’t bother rating entries, and suddenly I’m down to around 72% and limited to what I can enter.