Tips for Contestants-Newly added feature

Great to see this feature re-introduced/updated. Nice reminder for all & “how-to” for new members.
We really appreciate all your hard work at SH admin/service! :smile:

One small suggestion- maybe a line should be added to the comment about Best Entry stars that not only do you need 50 points, but that they will cost 50 pts each- (at least for now there are no “take backs” for those) so nobody mistakenly spends points they cannot afford-thx

I made this a separate topic so that everyone will be aware of the feature & can add any ideas that may be important to this concept.


Good observations @whirlwind. I agree with your points 1) Be clear that it’s 50 points for each Highlight, and not 50 for both 2) There’s no undoing once highlighted.


should one get the 50 points back if one wins with a highlighted entry :wink:

I don’t think so, you already got the perk of highlighting that entry, if you win, that was the goal.
You already get extra points for the win, and not to mention the money!!

Thanks @whirlwind and @Front for your suggestions on clarification. We have incorporated these points into the tips.

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