Timmy/New Ecommerce Contest

“Timmy” seems to have missed the memo about awarding ones, because the majority of his ratings were low. I won’t call him out on it, but it’s hard for me to understand how this CH has a 5-star rating. His only feedback has been that he wants between 5-9 letters, and he must have a .com.
Feeling relieved that I have only three entries in there… :disappointed_relieved:


Agreed.I keep trying to get more info out of him,but so far nothing.Withdrew my names and think I will give this one a miss unless something changes. There’s an epidemic of low scoring all throughout SH lately in my opinion.


do the chs know there is a comments page because most completely ignore questiosn that would actually help them get the name you would think that they wanted


Fellow namers…don’t question his ratings as you will get yourself in trouble! Just withdraw them and decide this contest isn’t for you.