Time To Charge Higher Minimums For .Com Names?

I’m spending - no, wasting - more & more time trying to find .com matches for CH’s with very specific requests, usually involving a single word or a name with fewer than 10 characters. Certain categories are much harder than others but there aren’t too many options out there. In fact, .com names, in general, usually require 4 or 5 tries before you hit on something available. I believe that many CH’s have unrealistic expectations as to what’s left when it comes to .com names and our ratings suffer. I’m seeing more and more contests with hundreds of “No” ratings - in part, I think, for this reason. It occurred to me that CH contests restricted to .com names, at least in certain categories, should carry a $300 minimum to underscore the effort required. I don’t know how others feels but my time is valuable.


What an interesting suggestion. I totally get what you’re saying about chasing for available dot coms with an ever increasing list of specifics (and an ever decreasing chance of coming up with anything that will even get an On The Right Track rating). I also agree about many CHs having unrealistic expectations (“4-5 letter dot com with a positive meaning, no premium submissions please…”) which lead to no Loves or Likes, and a later abandoned contest. Other creatives have posted similar thoughts on this forum. However, I’ve not seen anyone come up with your idea before, and would hope it gets some serious consideration.


I understand what you are saying but what about the stay at home mom making candles paying $299 for her contest, or the entrepreneur with a great idea for a new business but hasn’t put anything in place yet. When you start explaining to them why things are more expensive to have a better quality name they will leave without starting a contest.

It’s a fine balance, I agree. We don’t want to lose these little guys but we know we are being taken advantage of by the big guys.

The CHs have a tick box option of “10 letters or less” - I’d really like a pop up saying something like “this option is only available for Platinum and above Contests, you can upgrade here” (that’s the $300 contests to you and me). Whether they upgrade or not, you are subliminally telling them that shorter names are more expensive which brings their expectations into line.


I agree with Able. She’s right that we have to be diligent about this in implementation. But, Palp and Can, you are both also right that something has to be done about this. Comments here on the forums about the rock and a hard place prerequisites that CHs come to contests with have been tallying for years now. We cannot push off the businesses that are limited financially but there has to be some understanding that things every day, every month, every year are getting harder for internet real estate. Just as it would not be right to push away perspective parties that are requiring our services and our creative intellect, it’s also not right for creatives to consistently get penalized for there not being an understanding to the hurdles we have to jump in order to help them. Instead of raising base prices, I feel there should be more education and ‘features’ or ‘requests’ that should be considered premium.

I feel the way to do this would be increasing the knowledged base that is available to CHs and should be in a readily accessible location that describes helpful hints, tips, and little informative resources that can help CHs on their journey with SH and conducting a contest. Pop-ups would be beneficial, tool tips and hovers would also be nice, and then an actual CH knowledge base about domains, branding, etc. Information that is purposefully curated to help CHs through the contest process and tips and insights that help but don’t give away the secrets completely of the trade. Next, I feel that there should be more packages. Packages for different contests can create tiers of offerings but also have limitations to what CHs can ask for or require. However, there could be upgrades. Five dollars here, ten dollars there for different options of what they may want and an explanation as to why this is offered as an upgrade and maybe if a CH does decide to do a few upgrades after launch of their contest there can be a discount. A bulk feature. The more upgrades, the less it would be maybe. Or something like that but either way, you don’t have to use the upgrades and you can pick just the base packages that fits your budget. This keeps it professional. It offers more options to CHs with different budgets. There’s always option for more. And it helps creatives by having things be more fair on time and effort in exchange for potential reward.


welll !!! very very welcome!

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Friends, I agree with your sensible suggestions. Unfortunately, it is necessary to educate the contest holders. We are creative individuals, but we have to spend time to make sure of the decency of the customer, go to his profile and see the number of successfully held contests. But this should be done by the SH team. If the customer has two abandoned contests, it is unacceptable to open up a new tender for him. You need to ask him to complete the previous contests by choosing a winner before opening a new contest. And regarding the fee, I will note that we ourselves are free to submit what we want. I will never submit a free 5 letter .com domain for $ 100. I will buy it first: 0)


Yes, I thought that one more expensive category might relate to the number of characters in a name, while others (this is more problematic) might be topic-oriented. Some fields are much more crowded than others. I appreciate the sympathy for the small business owners but, honestly, they are heading into the wrong arena if they can’t afford an extra $200 for a lot of valuable input.


I would like to suggest a “allow premium submissions for less than 10 char .COM suggestions” be the minimum prerequisite for the lower cost contests. That way that particular combo of no premiums and less than 10 chars don’t come together with the lower priced contests.

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I agree with what you’re saying that SH should try and communicate better to CHs what is a reasonable expectation (with contest upgrades offered accordingly). However, one way that SH absolutely does not help manage this CH expectation, is the way that past contest winners are presented. Page after page of lovely names, like “Aura” and “OnPoint” are shown as if they were all dot coms selected in contests. They are not. They are likely “AuraPartners” or “OnPointDevelopers” etc… If the past winners need to be shown at all, then at least they should be presented accurately, so no-one comes here expecting to get offered names like “Aura” for reg fee.


You’re missing out on something, though. It wouldn’t be just $200 extra dollars. Those higher contests that give $300 as a reward actually cost $1000 to the CH. You have to remember that the winner is getting a “commission” or a “percentage” but SH also has to take their percentage as well. Sometimes this is a lot of money to shell out when a CH is not sure of the outcome of a contest or if they’ll be able to use the entries submitted in the ways they would like. So, while you’re right that you would think that a business would be prepared to pay whatever it is that is needed but startups don’t always have a lot of money to allocate to everything at the beginning. Especially if there are si many unknowns of the outcome and how they’ll be able to use submissions with trademarks, social media presence, etc. We have to keep in mind that while we are getting xxx amount of money, that is not the entire price that CHs are paying to conduct the contest. The higher the prize, the more they are also having to give to SH AND creative reward.


Excellent explanation AbleBrand