Time Remaining?

I just noticed the time remaining clock-- when I hover over it, nothing happens. Is that what we are meant to do? Hover over it and see the countdown? : )

For me it counts down on the contest page when its within an hour, yet weirdly sometimes I’ll be like “omg I’ve missed the boat, only 5mins left” to see it get to 0 and then reset back to 59 minutes remaining!!


Oh wow, I must be out of it. Yes, time remaining for the contest! Of couse! I was thinking about the time remaining till the CH must choose a winner. That would be a nice thing to see countdown.

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I agree ScoutFinch:heart_eyes:

I have noticed this in so many contests! Not all, but lots. I have taken screen shots and relayed the inconsistency to the SH, and I know they have reported the issue to the team. SO SO glad to know I am not the only one!

I see the time remaining clock (next to the # of entries in the contest) for every contest. Been like that for a while.

I noticed it on a closed contest, and completely spaced that that’s the time remaining clock for the contest itself. I have a brain injury-- so sometimes I’m a little quirky. Would be nice to have a countdown to selection though. : )